The 7 Items Weighing You Down Physically & Mentally

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” —Leonardo da Vinci

1) Your Wallet

If it takes you ages at the checkout line to find your credit card then it may be time to simplify. Bulky, traditional wallets can cause uncomfortable bulging pockets and in today’s time there’s almost no reason to even carry cash anymore. We have two recommendations:

Decadent Minimalist $67 – buy on Amazon

RFID Minimalist Wallet $21 – buy on Amazon

2) Your Keys

Aside from the unnecessary jingling, have you ever noticed how uncomfortable keys are to have in your pocket? We have two minimalist recommendations to help reduce the space your keys are taking up:

Leather Compact Minimalist Key Holder $15 – buy on Amazon

Compact Key Organizer by KEYTEC $18 – buy on Amazon

3) Your Watch

Your watch doesn’t need to be bulky or gaudy to look good. Minimalism is a style choice as well as a way of living. We have picked a couple minimalist style watches for your consideration:

Bijoune Leather Strap Minimalist Watch 59$ – buy on Amazon

MVMT Minimalist Watch $95 – buy on Amazon

4) Your Backpack

A bag that neatly organizes your necessities while maintaining a sleek minimalist style can be tough to find. I personally recommend the the Timbuk2; after 4 years of heavy use it still feels brand new. However the Hynes Eagle comes highly recommended from several members of our team.

Timbuk2 Minimalist Backpack $59 – buy on Amazon

Hynes Eagle Minimalist Backpack – $30

5) Your Cords – Go Wireless

No one likes a tangled knot of wires hanging out in their bag or by their bed side outlet. Go for a cleaner, minimalist look and experience with wireless chargers. We have two minimalist recommendations for you below:

Vebach Dubhe1 Wireless Charger $25 – buy on Amazon

Vebach Dubhe1 Wireless Charger

Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Charger Stand $33 – buy on Amazon

6) Your Phone

Bulky phone cases are good for protecting your expensive screen, but terrible for keeping your pockets flat and your style minimalist. We’ve found two cases that give you the best of both worlds:

Dockem Exec M2 Wallet Case 15$ – buy on Amazon

Thread Wallets – Slim Minimalist iPhone Wallet Case $30 – buy on Amazon

7) Your Headphones

Minimalism is all about downsizing to only what you need. Some people need high quality audio while others need to break free from cords at all costs. We have two recommendations that give great audio quality without the hassle of tangled cords:

Apple AirPods with Charging Case (Latest Model) $159 – buy on Amazon

Android Wireless Earbuds – $50 – buy on Amazon

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