Animal Tea Infusers

These animal tea infusers take your daily hot beverage to the next level of cuteness. They’re super easy to use and I always get so many comments and compliments on them! Every time a glance down at them I feel warm and fuzzy inside :). They’re made from a high-quality BPA-free food-grade silicone which means they are totally safe to have in your drinks. They are dishwasher safe and fit on all my cups and mugs. Check out this review from a happy Amazon customer:

“I got these for my husband who loves tea! After being annoyed by the small selection for his bagged tea I broke down and got these. For the price they are amazing! They can come apart if ur not careful when putting them together and handling them. But they look adorable and work great. He has used them for a small jug of sun tea, as well as a quick cup in the microwave and each time it has worked great!”