Baby Mop Outfit

It’s never too young to put your children to work. Circumvent modern child labor laws with this mop outfit for babies. Babies are too weak to wield a full-sized mop, but with this brilliant invention, they no longer have an excuse. Just put your baby in its new work uniform and send them on their way. You’ll notice they usually take an unconventional and random zig-zagging pattern, much like a Roomba smart vacuum would. The difference is a Roomba costs several hundred dollars while this mop attachment is only around 20 bucks. Depending on the intelligence level of your baby laborer, it will learn with time to avoid furniture – usually it only takes a few head-bumps for most, but if you have bad genes your laborer may take longer to learn. If you have a big house with lots of hardwoods consider grabbing two or three of these mop onesies so you can keep your baby working around the clock while you wash the others in the laundry. There are multiple colors and sizes available which makes it easier to keep track of hours worked on timesheets if you have multiple babies pulling different shifts.