Cards Against Humanity

Cards Against Humanity is a group card game that will have you laughing in tears – as long as your sense of humor tolerates crass and highly inappropriate jokes. If you and your friends like pushing the boundaries of what’s acceptable then this game is for you! Check out this review from a happy Amazon purchaser:

“This is recommended for ages 17+. I brought it to a family dinner, knowing that the two kids, ages 11 and 14, would vacate to the basement after dinner to play on their computers. The somewhat precocious 14-year-old overheard that I had Cards Against Humanity and made it clear that while he had never played or even seen the game, he knew enough about it that he wanted to play if his parents would give him permission. They did, and what ensued was hilarity, but even better, it opened channels for discussion about sex, politics, justice, racism, homophobia and all the things that exist in society, and when things are funny and when they are not. What made breakthrough shows like South Park and The Simpsons funny when they premiered was their seeming inappropriateness, but they too broached topics that ought to be discussed by parents and children. In an age when information is available 24/7, along with misinformation, this may be the opportunity for families who value open discussion, education and critical thinking to open the door to those discussions. There’s so much for parents to teach to and learn about their kids, and to a degree, vice-versa. It’s not for everyone, but this family found it hilarious and vital. I wish there had been a way to have these discussions with parents or another responsible adult when I was a young teenager and had to find out what I could from a 1957 Encyclopedia Brittanica and a Webster’s Dictionary.”