Clip On Kitchen Food Strainer

Stop losing noodles in the sink! The Gizmo Snap N Strain makes straining the water out of your noodles a breeze. Just clip it on to your pot or pan and top the water out – it’s that easy. It will save you space since it’s only 25% of the size of normal colanders. It will also save you valuable counter space while cooking since it clips right into the pot or pan. It also comes with a 1-year money-back warranty. Check out this review from a happy customer:

“This works pretty much as advertised. I live alone in a small apartment with a small kitchen that has very little storage space, and I often eat pasta. Using a colander means one more thing I have to wash (& store & put away). I have a couple of hand strainers, but that makes things awkward, especially since I have a condition that makes it even more so. This little guy has made things so much easier! Its small size makes it easy to wash (by hand, for me) and then just bung in a drawer. It’s sturdy, even the clips, so I don’t feel I have to be gentle with it. I’m not too keen on the colors, but I didn’t buy it for decoration, so no points off. It does NOT fit my Instant Pot pot, but then it never really claimed to, & the IP pot is its own design, so again – no points off. I’m pleased with my purchase and would recommend it highly, provided people actually read the description & not go solely by the photo plus what they want it to be above & beyond. (I hoped it would fit the IP, but it does fit all my “normal” pots & pans, so I feel it was a reasonable description. Haven’t tried it on the cast-iron skillet yet….)”