DUDE Wipes Flushable Wet Wipes

These ultra-premium flushable wet wipes are specifically designed to bring fresh cleanliness to male bungholes and buttcracks around the world. With an extra 25% of surface area compared to normal wet wipes, DUDE Wipes allow you to swipe through the deepest of crevasses without risking hand-to-poop contact. Not only are they longer and wider than traditional wet wipes, they are thicker too, so even the gnarly liquified messes don’t stand a chance.

For years men everywhere have lived but half-lives, cursed lives, afraid to eat Taco Bell for fear of the radioactive fallout that takes place in the bathroom afterward. Rejoice and take back your spot as king of the porcelain throne as the days of burning sphincters and chafed cracks are now over. DUDE wipes soothe the anus with aloe vera and vitamin E so you can eat whatever your heart desires without fear.