Easy Jar Opener

This Jar Opening Tool opens jars, bottles, and lids with ease! Just place it on top, twist the knob to tighten the jaws around the lid or cap, and turn the handle to easily open those tough lids! It works effortlessly on both smooth and grooved caps. One verified purchase user-review says:

“This is an excellent tool for me. I have a lot of pain in my fingers when I try to grab and twist-off lids from jars. Ah, the missed days of youth! What I like the most is that I don’t have to squeeze – which is the action that triggers my pain. The picture of the item is old as the item now has a larger knob that you turn to tighten the tool on to a jar. Then by pushing the handle, the lid twists off. Perfect too for those that have lost that strong squeezing ability. I love it. Oh, and I did read the review of the one person who broke their jar opener – who must be awfully strong to break it – and who most likely didn’t need the tool in the first place. I see no event that could happen to break this tool. That’s just what I think.”