Every Drop Beauty Spatula

Stop throwing hundreds of dollars in the trash can every year! Use the Every Drop Beauty Spatula to scrape every last bit of product from the jar or bottle. At less then $10 it will pay for itself in just a few weeks of use. It doubles as an applicator and a blending tool. It’s easy to wash and reuse too! Check out this review from a happy customer:

“I love this cute little makeup spatula! It’s so convenient and useful. If you’re a makeup/product junkie that doesn’t like waisting, (like I am) this is the perfect problem solver for those empty bottles left with product caked on the inner walls. It’s long too, so it works in just about any size bottle or jar. I only bought one and I use it for everything. It’s washable so it will last you a long time. Great gift for a makeup artist, if they don’t already have one!”