Faucet Wine Aerator and Stopper

This electric wine aerator and spout is an easy and effective way to aerate your wine to improve oxidation and taste! The wine aerator pourer with spout quickly delivers aerated drinks without spills and sediment. Lockout air with the decanter’s airtight rubber seal and preserve your favorite wine longer! Check out this awesome review left by Jill:

“So, I have worked in the production end of the wine industry for several years now, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is exceptionally hard work. There is nothing better than your first glass of wine at the end of a long day, and once you’ve spent hours in the cellar and/or the fields, you don’t want to wait for your bottle to breathe. You want it now. I’ve used a lot of aerators and always found them to be functional and effective, but they can be messy. Pour too quickly and your wine overflows over the top. Hold it the wrong way where you accidentally block the aeration holes and you defeat the purpose. So finding this electric aerator intrigued me and I had to try it.

When you receive this product it will come beautifully packaged so you will be able to use this as a gift if you choose. Inside the box, you will receive your aeration head with spout, two extension tubes, and an instruction booklet, that you most likely will not need. This is a very intuitive product to use. You will need to have 4 AAA batteries on hand to use this product as they are not included.

To start open the battery compartment by twisting the head of the aerator counterclockwise. Insert the 4 AAA batteries and replace the compartment cover. Take one of the extension tubes and attach them to the end with the cap onto the nozzle. Fill an empty wine bottle with water and place a glass under the aeration spout. You will need to run three bottles of water through to clean the product before using it for the first time in a bottle of wine. Place the tubing in the bottle and press the head of the aerator down as you would a stopper into the neck of the bottle. Press the button and run the water until the bottle is empty. Repeat 2 more times. You’re now ready to go. Open that bottle you’ve been wanting to drink, place the aerator and press the button. You will get beautifully aerated wine. You can see the bubbles on top of the wine in my photos. Since the aerator acts as a stopper, you don’t have to remove this until the bottle is finished. To clean, just run the water through again once, dry and store until the next use. Totally loving the simplicity and it does a great job making that wine immediately drinkable without a breathing period!”