Georgia Apparel Business Gives Away Custom Face Shield – And Then Goes Viral

Times are tougher than ever for many small businesses who have unfortunately had to let go of employees until things return to to the status quo. Determined to keep his business running like normal through this season of doom and gloom, one Georgia-based apparel producer has started producing face shields at mass scale.

It all started when he saw the UPS driver was still delivering packages but didn’t have any protective gear on:

“It was crazy. I’ve known Brent for a long time – he’s been delivering our shipments for years. Here he was risking his life to deliver people’s packages and he didn’t have access to protective gear.

Concerned about the health implications of Brent’s exposure to every package he came in contact with, Cliff, the owner of HCB Apparel, went inside his store and grabbed what’s called a neck gaiter (pictured above) for Brent. They are special neck and face coverings designed for fishermen to block the sun and wind while boating.

“At first I just figured it would be better than nothing. But then I realized these neck gaiters are literally designed to block wind, give full facial coverage, are way more comfortable than a face mask, and can be washed in the laundry. It was perfect.”


But there was still one problem – the fishing branded face shield didn’t exactly match Brent’s UPS uniform.

“We couldn’t stop laughing at how ridiculous it looked… The whole outfit was pretty hilarious.”

A few days later Brent came back around for another delivery still sporting his face shield with a big bass on it, but this time Cliff had a surprise for him – his very own custom UPS face shield.

NOW, it was perfect. It wasn’t long before word spread and the UPS face shield went viral on social media. 

“We got so many custom orders we couldn’t handle them all at once.”

It seems a lot of businesses are keen on the idea of having a branded face shield solution. 

“We don’t know how long this is going to last. Some places are starting to open back up. A lot of businesses want to be extra careful but don’t have access to the disposable protective gear – the doctors and nurses on the front lines need those.”


At the time of writing this all but one of the face shield styles appear to be sold out on the HCB Apparel website.

“We’re just focusing on fulfilling custom business orders right now. We’ve pretty much had to stop everything else to meet the demand. We’re just really thankful to have the business in this tough time.”

If you find yourself wanting a one-off face shield it’s not likely HCB will have any in stock but can always check here. If you’re a business looking for a custom face shield order there’s a custom order form live on the HCB site here.