Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float

There’s only one pool float majestic enough for you and it’s this Giant Inflatable Unicorn Pool Float from Amazon. This bad boy is seriously massive coming in at over 9 feet when fully inflated and is rated to handle a 400lb load. I’m no math magician but that seems sturdy AF. The blow-up valve is located just to the left of the unicorn’s butthole and can be inflated using a hairdryer, a toy air pump, or your own mouth if you have the lung capacity of an Olympic swimmer. You’ll notice handles on the unicorn’s neck for increased handling and steering capabilities – and don’t think for a second you won’t be needing these handles. Unicorns are wild creatures by nature and can be difficult to tame. If you buy this float, building a relationship with your ‘corn is going to be key. Also, don’t worry about your unicorn float popping – these guys have magically tough skin made from thick premium raft-grade non-phthalates vinyl that can handle being ridden hard. What are you waiting for? Go adopt your unicorn now!