How to Create a Stunning Home Office Setup

There are several key components to keep in mind when you are designing your ideal home office setup. In this post we’ll go through each home office setup component and how to easily make the most out of each.

Color Scheme

Here’s an example of a home office setup that follows a natural, light brown color scheme:

Home office setup with wood desk and brown theme
Photo credit to r/battlestations

Notice how in this home office setup the design centers around the natural brown colors or the hardwood floors. Additionally, all of the hardware is black; mismatching hardware can be a major eyesore.

Links to the products in photo above:

Monitor // Desk // Chair // Lamp

Below is another home office setup that follows a white/gray and red color scheme.

Red themed home office setup with patent prints and steelcase chair
Photo credit to r/battlestations

Creating an aesthetically pleasing color scheme for your home office setup is very rewarding when you get it right. Keep this in mind as you purchase hardware and decor for your home office setup.

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Monitor // Desk // Chair // Speakers // Mouse // Keyboard // Pictures // Headphones // Headphone Stand


Whether your home office setup is going to be tailored towards working, gaming, or productivity plays a critical role in what hardware you buy buy. As discussed above, a matching color scheme is extremely important, but above all else you want your hardware choices to be able to handle whatever tasks you throw their way.

If you plan to build your own pc for your home office setup, we recommend using current, up-to-date pc components that won’t need to be replaced for 3 to 5 years.

A currently popular hardware addition for home office setups is to add a second monitor, which will sky rocket your productivity and improve your home office experience dramatically. From an aesthetics perspective, we highly recommend getting two matching monitors. Here’s a great example of how a dual monitor setup can transform a home office setup:

home office setup with a window view of the city
Photo credit to r/battlestations

If you like the simplicity of only having one monitor in your home office setup, another great option for increasing productivity is to widen your screen space with a widescreen monitor. Here are three recommendations based on different budgets:

$850Samsung 43″ Ultrawide IPS Curved – A beautiful IPS panel spanning a full 43 inches and curved for optimal viewing from the user’s focal point. A more expensive option, but you get the quality that you pay for.

$600Dell 34″ UltraSharp LED Curved – The only company that competes with Samsung’s panel quality is Dell. This option is a little more affordabe, but sacrifices the IPS display as well as 9 inched of screen space. Still an excellent wide screen option for your home office setup.

$300LG 34″ Ultrawide IPS – An ultrawide IPS display with 1ms motion blur reduction and Freesync technology. While this monitor is designed to provide gamers with a buttery smooth viewing experience, the average user will still be able to appreciate this monitor regardless of the use.


Having an ergonomic home office setup is extremely important if you plan on being able to work/game for any extended period of time. There are several ergonomic products we recommend that can make your home office setup much more healthy and comfortable.

home office setup with a standing desk and city view
Photo credit to r/battlestations

The first is a standing desk. Getting a motorized standing desk is more than likely the best ergonomic improvement you can make to your home office setup. It allows you switch between sitting and standing, which will prevent hunching and back pain. A less expensive option to purchasing a motorized standing desk is to get a standing desk converter for your existing desk.

An ergonomic desk chair is a worthy investment when you factor in how much time you’ll be spending in it. Consider spending more up front for a high quality desk chair that will last a lifetime – your back will thank you in a few years. We have a few ergonomic chair recommendations for your home office setup based on several budgets:

$1000Steelcase Gesture – The whole package: an extremely sleek, good looking office chair that is ultra-high quality, will last a lifetime, and save you from having back pain.

$600Herman Mill Classic Aeron – A staple in professional offices across the world. Herman Miller is the gold standard when it comes to office chairs.

$250GAOAG Ergonomic – Hands down best-looking office chair at this price point.


Picking the right lighting for your home office setup can completely change the quality of your productivity experience. If possible, try to pick a room for your home office setup that gets a lot of natural light, unless of course you prefer to work in the dark. It’s best to synchronize all of your bulb types for a matching aesthetic. Additionally, consider adding some subtle LED lights to create a backsplash of light behind your desk or computer:

wall mounted home office setup with lian li case
Photo credit to r/battlestations

When tastefully done, LED lighting will add the wow factor to your home office setup.

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Monitors // Desk // Sound Bar // PC Case // Mouse // Mouse Mat

Wall Mounting // Cable Management

As seen in the picture above, wall mounting your monitors, speakers, and even your computer can make your home office setup look extremely clean. Be warned that good cable management becomes a little more difficult when wall mounting, but is imperative in order to pull off this look. Here’s another home office setup that utilizes wall mounting and excellent cable management to accomplish a clean look:

simple white themed home office setup
Photo credit to r/battlestations

Wall mounting and cable management are both great ways to make your home office setup look clean, and the best part is they are both very cheap to do. Here’s a a few wall mounting and cable management options from Amazon:

$14Monitor Mount – these things are cheap, just make sure you get the right size for your monitor(s).

$8Wall Cable Clips – I use these myself and have had great results. As you can see in the picture above, they’re a great way to reduce cable clutter.

Bonus: Greenery

Adding some plants, either fake or alive, to your desk is a super cheap way to give your home office setup a more natural and rich feel. Look how it livens up this home office setup:

home office setup with natural desk plants
Photo credit to r/battlestations

Here are few great desk plant options on Amazon:

$15Live Succulents – Succulents look great on any desk and are super low maintenance to keep alive.

$16Juniper Bonsai – If you’re willing to take care of it this will wow anyone that sees your home office setup.

$24 – 3 Fake Planters, Copper – These are my personal favorite; the copper looks great on a wooden desk and there is no maintenance with fake plants.


That’s all she wrote! Thanks for reading… In summary, anyone can create an awesome home office setup if you stick to these principles:

  • Pick a Color Scheme and stick to it
  • Use Updated Hardware to maximize productivity
  • Pick chairs and desks that are Ergonomic and comfortable
  • Consider your Lighting; natural light and matching bulb types
  • Wall Mounting and Cable Management
  • Greenery: add some plants!

That’s all she wrote! Thanks for reading… If you liked this article please feel free to share and subscribe to our newsletter!

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