How to Wall Mount a PC (with Pictures and Examples)

If you want a clean, unique PC and desk set up then wall mounting your PC is probably the right option for you.

Wall mounting your PC can create a clean, aesthetically pleasing desk set up look that showcases your PC. Here’s everything you need to know to wall mount your PC.

What You’ll Need

  • PC wall-mounting hardware or…
  • wall mountable PC case
  • drill
  • level
  • pencil
  • stud-finder

Recommended Mounting Hardware

Some PC cases are designed with wall mounting in mind and come with the required wall mounting hardware.

If you haven’t purchased a PC case yet, and know you may want to wall mount your PC once built, then we highly recommend purchasing a case that was designed for wall mounting. I got my last PC case, the Thermaltake P1 from Amazon and was completely satisfied with the build quality and customization it offered.

Here are the two best wall mountable PC cases on Amazon:

Here’s another recommendation from Newegg:

If you have a PC that is housed in a traditional chassis don’t worry, you can still mount it on the wall to achieve a clean look and clutter free desk. Here are our Amazon recommendations for PC mounting hardware:

Step 1: Picking the Right Spot

Make sure you have the right spot picked out for your wall mounted PC; once you drill into the wall you won’t be realistically able to move you PC without plugging the holes you drilled and repairing the drywall. Common places to wall mount a PC include above your monitor, under the desk, or on an adjacent wall.

Use a stud finder to find wooden studs behind the wall, then hold up your mounting plate and use your pencil to mark on the wall where you’ll be drilling your pilot holes.

Step 2: Mounting Bracket

Use the recommended drill bit size to drill pilot holes through the drywall and into the wooden studs behind the wall. If your wall mounting hardware doesn’t recommend a drill bit size then use a drill bit that’s 1/2 to 3/4 the diameter of the screws you’ll be using. When in doubt, a 3/16″ bit is a good place to start.

Now line up your mounting plate with the holes in the wall and secure it by drilling in the screws that came with it. Your mounting hardware will come with both screws (left) and bolts (right). Yours may look slightly different but it’s important to not get them mixed up. Yours may look a little different but the ones with the pointy ends go in the wall, the ones with flat ends go into your PC case or mounting hardware(if your mounting hardware has a PC attachment).

Depending on your mounting hardware you may have a plate that attaches to your PC. At this point its time to attach it to your PC using the bolts that it came with. If you are using a strap system then skip this step.

Step 3: Mounting

If you’ve done everything correctly up to this point then this is the easiest step. This step will differ for each person depending on their mounting solution, but it is always fairly straight forward. If you are using a strap-based PC wall mount solution then simply place your PC chassis in your mounted bracket then tighten the strap to secure it in place.

If your PC came with mounting hardware, then carefully line up the mounting plate on the back of your PC with the wall bracket and slide your PC case into place.

Cable Management

One of the drawbacks to mounting your PC is the cable management difficulties that can arise. Every PC will have between 3 and 7+ cables running to it. Mounting it on the wall can make it quite difficult to hide these cables effectively. If you find yourself faced with this issue check out our comprehensive Desk and PC Cable Management Guide (coming soon).

Wall Mounted PC Examples

Here are 4 examples of wall mounted PC’s with great cable management:

wall mounted pc lian li pc 05sx
Photo from Reddit u/CloudyContacts featuring the Lian Li PC-05SX wall mounted PC case.
wall mounted pc thermaltake core p3
Photo from Reddit u/official_iberioN featuring the Thermaltake P3 wall mounted PC case.
wall mounted pc thermaltake core p1
Photo from Reddit u/Ora_cle featuring the Thermaltake P1 wall mounted PC case.
custom built DIY wall mounted PC from Reddit purple themed
Photo from Reddit u/Twii_St3D featuring the Thermaltake P7 wall mounted PC case.

Custom Built Mounted PC Examples

If you’re a big time do-it-yourselfer then maybe you’re looking for a totally custom wall mounted PC build. Here are 5 examples of custom built wall mounted PC’s, followed by a build guide.

custom built DIY wall mounted PC from Reddit with plexiglass cover
Photo from Reddit u/Makirole
custom built DIY wall mounted PC from Reddit black and yellow
Photo from Reddit u/Makirole
custom built DIY wall mounted PC from Reddit
Photo from Reddit u/sebbysir
custom built DIY wall mounted PC from Reddit
Photo from Reddit u/Xenographic
custom built DIY transformers bumblebee wall mounted PC from Reddit
Photo from Reddit u/marksmanguy

Thanks for reading and I hope you found this post to be helpful and inspirational. Good luck in your PC wall mounting endeavors!

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