Mineral Water Facial Spray

Many people may think this Evian facial misting spray is a gimmicky product. They’ll say, “It’s just water in a can bro”. Don’t listen to these people. These peasants have clearly never experienced the titillation of a natural and pure pH balanced glacial mineral water facial misting. Once you feel the thousands of ultra-fine micro-droplets lightheartedly dancing on your face you’ll be compelled you shun these dry-skinned non-believers out of your life once and for all.

In fact, it feels so good that mineral water facial spray addiction, or MWFSA, is a serious possibility, though fortunately there are no known negative side effects to this addiction. My friends and I “hit the Evian”, as we like to call it, a few times every hour throughout the entire day. The sudden cooling sensation when the mist first touches your skin spikes your senses and gives you a nice jolt of energy, chasing away any grogginess you might have been experiencing. It’s a much healthier and cheaper habit than cocaine, though I will say the rush fades much quicker than cocaine’s does, and you’ll likely be needing another “Evian fix” within the hour. My first 10 oz bottle of Evian facial spray lasted me about 2 months, but that was before I became addicted and was only a daily user, not an hourly user. Now that my tolerance has increased I can go through a bottle in 2-3 weeks if I’m not careful.