My 30 Favorite Office Desk Accessories I’d Buy Again from Amazon

Hi! My name is Forrest and I do a TON of shopping on Amazon. Almost every day I come home to an amazon box on my door step from a purchase I made 2 days prior. In this post I’m sharing with you the favorite purchases I’ve ever made on Amazon for my home office.

Vornado Vintage Desk Fan

This fan is super sleek and the vintage paint color looks even better in person. It started on my desk but has since made it’s way to my wife’s bed side table. Guess it’s time to buy another.

Tomons White Desk Lamp

I’ve posted pictures of my desk setup on Reddit multiple times, and every single time someone asks me where I got this lamp. For what little it cost me, it’s earned me it’s value back in compliments. It kind of reminds me of the pixar lamp.

Nathan James 51101 Desk

So this isn’t actually my main desk. This one sits in the living room 5 or so feet behind the couch with my laptop on top. I use it as a work station when I’m not working on anything too serious and want to be in the same room as my wife while she watched TV.

Minimalist Desk Top Plant Vases

My wife actually ordered these and I have been very happy with them. on the shelves above my desk. Amazon actually has another variation of these that can be hung from the ceiling or from shelves that I’m considering buying to match.

Under Desk Cable Organizer Basket

This one isn’t a flashy purchase but is the true secret behind having a clean desk setup. It hides all my ugly wires from view. It was really easy to mount and I just stuffed my cables in it without worrying about organizing.

Weighted Desk Cable Holder

Another lifesaver!!! What cables I do have on my desk are secured in this holder and I never have to go searching under my desk. If I could only

Adhesive Cable Clips

Some of you will appreciate this one while others will scroll on through. I take my cable management seriously and have tried many adhesive cable clips – if you want long lasting cable clips that don’t fall down after 3 days then these are the absolute best option.

Leather Mouse and Keyboard Mat

Okay so I never used to use a keyboard and mouse pad but now I can never go back; it’s just so much more comfortable. The only down side is the lighter fabric colors get stained really easy and have to be replaced after 6 months or so. No big deal though since they are so cheap.

Cell Phone Desk Stand

I have 3 of these. One at each of my desks and one on my night stand. I just don’t want to pick up my phone every single time I get a notification and this helps me see what the notification is for before I commit to grabbing my phone.

Adjustable Laptop Stand

This is soooo much cheaper than a standing desk and does the same exact thing if you’re a laptop user. I keep my laptop on this at my living room desk.

Minimalist Ergonomic Desk Chair

Cheap, good looking office chair. I got about 4 years of use out of it before I upgraded to a pricier Herman Miller Aeron. The Aeron is a luxury I can afford now, however I have absolutely zero complaints about my previous chair.

3-Slot Wood & Metal Pen Holder

Looks good on my living room desk. Not really much to say about it – what you see is what you get.

Minimalist Industrial Steampunk Desk Lamp

Okay this is in the basement, not my desk. It goes well with the decor down there so I thought I’d include it. It’s definitely different and catches your attention.

Sleek Laptop Stand

This laptop stand is on my main desk next to my desktop. It’s very portable and doesn’t take up much room compared the the adjustable height one on my living room desk.

Gingko Minimalist Marble Clock

I don’t even use this clock as an alarm clock – I use my phone like every other person in the world. However in the case that the power goes out it’s nice to have a backup that also looks great.

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