Thaw Claw

Do you end up eating dry meat for dinner because you forgot to take it out of the freezer 4 hours before dinner time and now you have to cook it longer to make sure it isn’t raw on the inside?

NEWS FLASH. No one likes dry meat. You don’t like dry meat, your friends don’t like dry meat, and I know for a fact your mom doesn’t like dry meat. So stop eating dry meat. Seriously. No more dry meat. You are done with dry meat. This is an intervention. I want you to yell it with me out loud right now – I don’t care where you are or how inappropriate it sounds: “I WANT MY MEAT TO BE MOIST!”

Wow. That felt good. We want your meat to be moist too. Not only do we want it to be moist, we want it to be tasty and juicy too. And we want it to thaw out in 20 minutes or less. That’s why we’re showing you the THAW CLAW!!!. That’s right, the mother f***in’ Thaw Claw.

The Thaw Claw is a claw that suctions to the bottom of your sink so you can keep thawing meat submerged under hot water instead of the package floating on the top of the water. The Thaw Claw thaws meat 7x faster than normal and can thaw your hard frozen meat in under 20 minutes.

Stop waiting hours for your hard meat to thaw out and soften up in the sink. That’s weak sauce. And the only thing worse than weak sauce is dry meat with weak sauce on it. Go get the Thaw Claw on Amazon now.