The 10 Best Office Chairs Without Wheels (2020 Buyer’s Guide)

Our Top Pick: AmazonBasics Mid-back Chair

The AmazonBasics Mid-back Chair is a high quality chair made with premium materials that looks incredible. When you expect to pay north of $70 for a high quality office chair without wheels the AmazonBasics Mid-back Chair fits the bill perfectly. This desk chair without wheels strikes the perfect balance between ergonomics and style.

With the AmazonBasics Mid-back Chair without wheels you get premium build quality in the mid-tiered price range of ~$70-100. It’s only limiting factor is the lack of different color options available which isn’t that big of a deal if you like the light gray steel color.

Additionally, AmazonBasics provides incredible customer service and a great warranty program which is uncommon for many desk chairs.

OUT OF STOCK NOTE: This chair is very popular and is frequently out of stock as a result. Make sure to check if it’s in stock in black here. If both colors are out of stock we recommend the ORVEAY Executive Office Chair as an almost identical alternative or the CLATINA Office Chair without wheels as a comparable alternative.


  • Beautiful modern design
  • Premium build quality
  • Steel chair feet + high elastic memory foam seat
  • Ergonomic curvature with back support


  • Limited colors available

Budget Pick: Poly and Bark Vortex Side Chair with Walnut Legs

The Poly and Bark Vortex is a small, minimalist office chair without wheels that looks amazing in almost any office decor scheme. If you need a portable and/or minimal office chair without wheels and you’re on a budget then the Poly and Bark Vortex is an excellent choice. The standout feature is its strong, yet surprisingly comfortable curvature.

Also see the similar DHP Mid Century Modern Chair.


  • Simple design works in any room
  • Budget friendly office chair without wheels
  • Walnut legs


  • Small compared to many other options (could be a good thing if you move your chair a lot)
  • Uncomfortable for long hours (not padded)

Luxury Pick: Rose Gold Multi-Purpose Chair by Desk Chairs (Amazon)

This chair‘s beautiful aesthetic and high quality materials are responsible for its high price tag that comes in around the ~$450 price point. The steel frame is coated in a beautiful rose gold color, the arm rests are sleek solid wood, and the seat is ergonomically curved and upholstered with a gorgeous gray leather. If your home office is out in the open, you may find yourself getting more utility out of a chair like this as both a beautiful decorative piece as well as a functioning comfortable desk chair without wheels.


  • Both a functional and decorative chair
  • Luxury level build quality and materials
  • The gray leather on rose gold metal is exquisite


  • Price tag is very expensive
  • Not many reviews on Amazon – though this is no reason not to order since Amazon has excellent customer service

LJFYXZ Home Office Desk Chair – Black

We have no idea what LJFYXZ means or stands for, but we do know that they make excellent chairs. Their home office desk chair without wheels is the closest thing to a traditional desk chair there is, just without the wheels. The design is simple and sleek and depending on that color you get, blends right into the room. One reason people prefer desk chairs without wheels is to prevent scratching on the floor which has been taken into account with the LJFYXZ Home Office Desk Chair that comes with built in floor guards.

Build quality is teetering on high end with high density foam that maintains it’s shape for years; you won’t have to worry about the seat cushin becoming deformed. The mesh fabrics are top notch and the upholstery is very well done. I would have liked to see them use memory foam rather than standard high density foam, but at a price point under $300 plus free shipping, it’s a reasonable sacrifice to make.


  • Excellent upholstery quality
  • Premium materials
  • Ergonomic back support
  • Built in floor guards


  • Only 2 color choices
  • Arm rests not adjustable

LJFYXZ Home Office Desk Chair – Green

This is the green version of the desk chair without wheels above. Though the listing says green, its actually a very light greenish yellow. I would have liked to see more color variations.

Boss Office B7519 Executive Mid Back Chair

The Boss Office B7519 Executive Mid Back Chair is by far the best option for someone looking for a non-flashy budget office chair without wheels. It has all the basics covered, looks like a traditional office chair, and is priced around the $100 mark.

This desk chair without wheels will get the job done, but don’t expect a luxurious sitting experience. Frankly, the materials aren’t especially high quality, but it won’t fall apart on you. Expect the cushioning to deform relatively quickly compared to higher quality desk chairs and beware of the faux leather showing ware within a couple years.

That said, it’s the perfect office chair to get by for the time being, or if you want to try out an office chair without wheels without investing too much to start out.


  • Very affordable option
  • Sturdy build quality despite using lower quality materials
  • Has a traditional office chair look without the wheels


  • Lower quality materials may degrade faster over time
  • Not breathable – might get a little hot
  • Will be less comfortable than an expensive office chair

Flash Furniture White Leather Executive Chair

The Flash Furniture Black or White Leather Executive Chair without wheels is a great option for guest chairs as well as anyone who prefers sitting in a low back office chair without wheels. This chair is amazingly comfortable for the price, however, the overall build quality is cause for concern. We’ve seen multiple complaints online about uneven legs and sloppy welding. If you have interest this chair we’d recommend doing a thorough inspection of it when it arrives and sending it back if it has any problems.


  • Very affordable option <$100
  • Contemporary style
  • Strong steel frame
  • 5 color options
  • One of the highest rated chairs for comfort


  • More of a guest chair than an actual office chair
  • Build quality is hit or miss – there are several complaints posted about bad manufacturing quality
  • Not breathable – might get a little hot

Boss Office Products B6409 Mesh Back Chair

The Boss Office Products B6409 is one of the best looking budget office chairs without wheels we’ve seen. As is common at such a low price point, you may have issues with build quality, but with Amazon you can easily just send it right back for a full refund or replacement.

The pewter finish gives this chair a clean, modern look while the mesh back provides breath-ability and lumbar support. It would be nice if the cushion was a little bit thicker for long sitting sessions, but at a price point this low it’s nothing to complain about.


  • Best looking chair at this price point
  • Excellent back support and overall a very comfortable chair
  • Breathable mesh keeps you cool
  • Assembly is a breeze


  • Arm rests can be cold since they are metal
  • Seat padding could be a little thicker

CoVibrant Modern Office Chair

This CoVibrant Office Chair without wheels comes in at a mid range price point of just over $100 and is similar in many ways to the Boss Office Products B6409 Mesh Back Chair, but has a premium leather seat and back instead of a breathable mesh back and seat cushion. It differs in two main ways: first, the CoVibrant is available in both black as well as gray. Secondly, the CoVibrant Office Chair without wheel has arm rest pads over the metall so they won’t be as cold as the Boss B6409.


  • Can be used as an executive chair or as a guest chair
  • Excellent back and lumbar support
  • Breathable mesh keeps you cool


  • More expensive than the Boss B6409 with similar quality
  • Seat padding could be a little thicker
  • Only 2 colors available

Modern Carnegie Leather and Chrome Side Chair

The Modern Carnegie office chair without wheels is firmly in the premium category of office chairs without wheels. It’s back is padded and shaped to provide ergonomic curvature and lumbar support. The base and armrests are crafted from galvanized steel and the arm rests are padded with leather to keep from being cold to the touch. The overall quality of this chair is right on par with the price you pay for it. You absolutely get what you pay for in this instance.


  • One of the most comfortable office chairs without wheels available
  • Premium materials and build quality
  • Tall padded back with great back support and cushioning


  • Only one color available
  • Not breathable material, may get hot

Bseack No Wheel Chair

Adjustable arm rests! The Bseack No Wheel Chair is one of the few office chairs without wheels that actually has adjustable arm rests. While they only rotate up and down instead of having an adjustable height it’s better than the alternative of not being adjustable.

The mesh back provides breath-ability keeping you cool during long sitting sessions. Additionally there are seven unique color options to choose from.


  • Seven color options
  • Breathable mesh back
  • Adjustable arm rests


  • A bit pricey to not have a metal frame
  • Plastic frame instead of metal
  • Thin seat cushion

Boss Office B9479-BK Executive Mid Back Chair

The Boss Office B9479-BK Executive Mid Back Chair without wheels is priced sub $200 putting it in the budget price range. Keeping the price in mind, this is a great chair for the money. The metal is all chrome plated and the leather is soft black CaressSoft leather. The cushioning is sufficient on the back rest but is a bit thin on the seat and could thin out even further over time. The aesthetic is very professional and the materials are high enough quality to last several years without showing wear and tear.


  • Quality chair at an affordable price point
  • Executive aesthetic
  • Padded arm rests


  • Thin seat cushion may be uncomfortable for long sitting sessions
  • Mid back profile may not be high enough to suit some people’s preferences

Why Choose an Office Chair Without Wheels Over an Office Chair With Wheels?

You may be wondering if you should get an office desk chair with wheels or without wheels. We’ve summarized the pros and cons of each below, which we’ll expand on here. There are 3 main reasons to get an office chair without wheels instead of an office chair with wheels:

  1. Office chairs without wheels look much better, particularly in home offices out in the open.
  2. Office chairs with roll-ey wheels and a seat that swivels can be really annoying to sit in for some people, me included.
  3. Office chairs with wheels don’t go well on hard floors. They slip and slide and leave terrible scratches. If you buy an office chair with wheels you will likely also have to buy a plastic mat for the floor.

Other advantages of office chairs without wheels include the generally cheaper price and easier assembly out of the box. The main drawback to purchasing an office chair without wheels is the lack of adjustable seat and arm rest heights. I’ve found that after sitting in a chair for long enough I can get comfortable with whatever height it’s at within reason. Additionally, Office chairs without wheels don’t have nearly as many options to choose from online as there just isn’t a massive demand for office chairs without wheels.

Pros and Cons of Office Chairs without Wheels vs Office Chairs with Wheels

Office Desk Chairs with Wheels


  • Swivel allows for easy rotation and more mobility; great for corner desks
  • Far more options to choose from
  • Adjustable height seats and arm rests are standard


  • Traditionally more expensive
  • Wheels can scratch up floors
  • Swivel rotation can be annoying to some
  • Assembly can sometime be difficult
  • Distinct office aesthetic can look out of place in a home office that is out in the open

Office Desk Chairs without Wheels


  • Usually less expensive, even for high quality chairs
  • Floor guards usually come standard; overall better when it comes to not scratching floors
  • Very easy to assemble
  • Look more suitable for home offices, especially for home offices out in the open


  • No swivel rotation mean less mobility overall
  • Considerably less options to choose from
  • Very few options have adjustable height seats and arm rests

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