The 101 Most Useful Products on Amazon in 2020

Take a breather from life and check out this list of awesomely useful and life-changing Amazon items! We’ve collected the 100 most highly reviewed items that will significantly improve your life by solving a specific problem. You probably didn’t even know half of these inventions even existed!

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Wacaco Minispresso

This portable, miniature espresso maker is highly convenient for commuters, travelers, and campers alike. Reviewers rage about how it’s super easy to use and makes high-quality espresso. The espresso maker isn’t the only thing that’s small – it’s price tag is shockingly reasonable for such a high tech portable gadget. But don’t take our word for it. Check out this review from a happy Amazon customer: “LOVE this. I’ve been looking for a way to make espresso at home that wouldn’t take up precious counter space in my small apartment. I’ve also been wanting to switch from pour over to espresso because pour-over makes me jittery. I got the larger reservoir accessory pack and can pull 3 espresso shots in about 10 min (including grinding, packing the shots, and switching the basket with the grounds out between shots). The taste is amazing and the whole set up is exactly what I needed. I also like that it isn’t noisy like an electric espresso machine.”

BumFloat Hands-Free Recreational Floatation Device

Welcome to the future. This magnificent device is called the BumFloat and it is essentially a floatation device in the shape of a diaper. It allows the user to float in a relaxed sitting position and keep both hands comfortably above water level. This is especially convenient for consuming beverages (perhaps of the alcoholic variety?) while floating in the lake or pool. You may not want to share your BumFloat with other people though because let’s be honest, most people are pissing in these things – I mean they are shaped like a diaper. Perhaps the BumFloat 2.0 will feature a zippable crotch area so you can have the option to avoid pissing straight into the fabric. That being said, this version is optimal for cold water situations where you want your warm urine to circulate your swimwear for longer so you can conserve heat. Put it on backwards for even more piss-warming functionality plus you get the “thong” style in the back. EDIT: I have requested the manufacturers to put a “pouch” in the crotch area in the next version of this product so men can wear it more comfortably without swim trunks.

Zulay Kitchen Premium Apple Corer

This is the most fun you’ll ever have coring apples, guaranteed. Stop right now. Stop thinking it. You’re thinking “Coring apples isn’t a fun activity…” That’s because you’ve never used the Zulay Kitchen Premium Apple Corer. This bad boy takes apple coring to the next level. Gripping the smooth apple-red ergonomic handle is like holding a gun. As you wrap your cold arthritic fingers around the handle you’re overcome with a sense of power. Your fingers aren’t cold anymore – they’re radiating with energy as you grab your first victim – I mean apple. Your hands begin to sweat with excitement as you position the stainless steel serrated blade over the apple’s core – thank goodness for that non-slip handle. PUNCH. TWIST. PULL. The apple’s core effortlessly slides right out – OH YES. You press down on the spring-loaded lever to release the apple core and it falls helplessly into the trash can. A singular drop of apple juice drips off the blade, evidence of what just took place. You smile as you look down at the apple pie recipe – it calls for 10 cored apples. YES YES YES. You lose yourself in a fury of apple coring. Your grip tightens with every thrust into another apple’s skin. It’s a f***ing massacre. They didn’t stand a chance against the Zulay Kitchen Premium Apple Corer. You set your weapon down in triumph and exhale as you wipe yourself down. Victory. Sweet granny smith victory.

Thaw Claw

Do you end up eating dry meat for dinner because you forgot to take it out of the freezer 4 hours before dinner time and now you have to cook it longer to make sure it isn’t raw on the inside? NEWS FLASH. No one likes dry meat. You don’t like dry meat, your friends don’t like dry meat, and I know for a fact your mom doesn’t like dry meat. So stop eating dry meat. Seriously. No more dry meat. You are done with dry meat. This is an intervention. I want you to yell it with me out loud right now – I don’t care where you are or how inappropriate it sounds: “I WANT MY MEAT TO BE MOIST!” Wow. That felt good. We want your meat to moist too. Not only do we want it to be moist, we want it to be tasty and juicy too. And we want it to thaw out in 20 minutes or less. That’s why we’re showing you the THAW CLAW!!!. That’s right, the mother f***in’ Thaw Claw. The Thaw Claw is a claw that suctions to the bottom of your sink so you can keep thawing meat submerged under hot water instead of the package floating on the top of the water. The Thaw Claw thaws meat 7x faster than normal and can thaw your hard frozen meat in under 20 minutes. Stop waiting hours for your hard meat to thaw out and soften up in the sink. That’s weak sauce. And the only thing worse than weak sauce is dry meat with weak sauce on it. Go get the Thaw Claw on Amazon now.
2-in-1 Ultra-light French Press Travel Mug
This ultra-light 2-in-1 french press coffee travel mug will save you valuable time in the morning making your coffee. Let your coffee brew in the mug itself while you run out the door. Pressing the plunger down stops the steeping process so you don’t have to worry about over-brewing your coffee and making it bitter. The double insulated stainless steel keeps your coffee hot for hours so you can enjoy it throughout the entire morning. The ultra-light stainless steel design is built to last for a lifetime and is capable of carrying 12 to 16 fl oz of coffee.
Lightest Minimalist Wallet In The World
Don’t let the price scare you away. I bought my Decadent Minimalist wallet 6 years years ago for just under $70 and am still using it today. It fits my cards and a few cash bills when needed. It fits comfortably in my front pocket which is not something I can say about any other wallet I have tried. Now when I walk out the door all I take is my keys, wallet, and phone, all of which fit comfortably in my pockets.

Outlet LED Night Lights

These wall outlet covers have LED night lights built in to illuminate dark spaces at night. They replace your existing outlet covers and look very nice both during the daytime and at night when they are on. Traditional night lights are bulky and ugly, while these are sleek and updated. Each light costs less than 10 cents per year to power as they use ultra-efficient bright LED bulbs. They are super easy to install too – all you need is a Philips head screwdriver and a few minutes.

Teeth Whitening Pens

Remove years of stains quickly and accurately with these teeth whitening pens. These pens safely and gently remove stains from years of coffee, tea, wine, and smoke stains and are super convenient and travel friendly. Aside from being high quality and effective, they are quite affordable and can help you save a ton of money by not paying for expensive teeth whitening treatments at the dentist. Each pen can be used over 20 times and can help whiten your teeth by 4 to 8 shades over time.

Portable Blender Bottle

This portable blender bottle can be recharged and taken on the go anywhere you venture. It holds up to 14 oz and is made from durable, high-quality glass. Additionally, it’s dishwasher safe and comes with an icecube tray and a funnel for pouring in powders and liquids without spilling. It recharges with a USB connection so you can take it on the go and not have to worry about having an outlet nearby.

Light Therapy Acne Treatment Wand

Combat acne with this professional-grade handheld acne light therapy device. The dpl Nüve Wand penetrates deep into the skin to kill bacteria that cause acne flare-ups. It has been cleared by the FDA, clinically tested for safety, and is recommended by dermatologists. One clinical study found that 98% of participants experienced a reduction in acne after using it.

Sleep Mask With Bluetooth Speakers

Fall asleep and stay asleep wearing this comfortable sleep mask with built-in Bluetooth headphones. Listen to your favorite music or relaxing sounds to help you fall asleep. This Bluetooth sleep mask is perfect for regular sleep, travel, yoga, and any time you’re trying to relax and block out the rest of the world. The battery allows you to play music for over 9 hours after charging for just 2 hours while effectively blocking out 100% of light. The mask is super comfortable and machine washable!

Microwavable Popcorn Bowl

Pop your popcorn kernels right in this collapsible silicone microwavable popcorn popping bowl. Save money by buying popcorn kernels in bulk rather than expensive bagged popcorn. This bowl makes great-tasting popcorn, is easy to wash in the dishwasher, and collapses for easy storage. It’s also available in 18 colors, so consider getting more than one! Hint: They make great gifts!

F Bomb Bath Bombs

This hilarious bath bomb is all about relieving stress and throwing out your frustrations. Next time you need a relaxing bath toss in an F-Bomb Bath Bomb! It fizzes and releases a nice fragrant lavender scent. These bath bombs are hand-made in the US, won’t stain your tub or skin, and make excellent gifts.

Waowoo Weighted Blanket

If you have never tried a weighted blanket you seriously need to! This queen-sized weighted blanket comes in several weights between 15 and 25 lbs and will help you fall right asleep. Weighted blankets work by simulating the feeling of being held or hugged. Its machine washable and easy to maintain, made with a soft, light, comfortable fabric that doesn’t get too hot.

Philips Hue Smart Bulbs

Set the mood with over 16 million colors to choose from with the totally controllable Philips Hue Smart Bulbs. Control your Philips Hue Smart Lights all with just the touch of a button on your mobile device or your favorite voice assistant. They may seem pricey at first, but you’ll save money in the long run since these bulbs are rated to last for 22 years! Use these bulbs to accent your home decor or set them to automatically change color throughout the day.

Stainless Steel Immersion Blender

This versatile handheld immersion blender will take your cooking to the next level – blend soups, sauces, smoothies, and more. It has 500 watts of power for powerful blending, a silicone non-slip grip for control, and a compact design that cleans and stores well. The blending stick is detachable to allow for more dynamic use in tall containers and pots.

Heated Throw Blanket

This heated throw blanket is available in 4 different colors and has a reversible Sherpa/Mink design. It has 3 different heat settings allowing you to adjust the heat to you’re own personal desired temperature. It is equipped with smart temperature technology that automatically adjusts the heat to maintain a preset temperature all night. It also has a 3 hour shut off function so you can have peace of mind that it will shut off after you fall asleep. Did we mention it’s machine washable, dryer safe, and comes with a 5-year warranty?
Smart Wifi Outlet Plug
Use the Kasa Smart Plug to turn electronics and lights on and off from your smartphone device or voice assistant app. You can also schedule the power to turn on and off on a predetermined schedule.

Sunrise Alarm Clock

This sunrise alarm clock simulates a sunrise to help you wake up gradually and naturally. The wake-up light gradually changes the color and brightness from dark red to bright yellow before the alarm clock goes off. You can customize and set the lighting time, lighting brightness, and alarm volume. You can also set multiple alarm times, radio station alarms, and change the light to 8 different colors. This is an Amazon #1 best seller in its category!

Smartphone Picture Printer

Use this Fujifilm Instax Mini Link Smartphone Printer to instantly print out the photos that you take on your smartphone! Just download the Mini Link app and connect it to the printer via Bluetooth and print away! You can also add fun filters and frames to your photos and print photos from video still frames. Each picture only takes about 12 seconds to print! There are three colors available – white, blue, and pink.

Reusable Miracle Dryer Balls

Replace your liquid fabric softener with permanent, non-toxic, and chemical-free dryer balls. They are a vegan-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener that are great for people with wool or lanolin allergies. Additionally, they last forever so you don’t have to keep buying fabric softener and dryer sheets time and time again, saving you money.

LED Strip Lights

Add these LED strip accent lights to your room to totally change the ambiance. These LED strip lights are super easy to install with a super-strong 3M adhesive and a cuttable strip. They come with a remote control that allows you to change the color to 44 different colors and can be installed almost anywhere. Try them out behind your tv, behind your desk, under a counter, in your car, or anywhere else!

Massaging Shampoo Brush

Transport yourself to another realm of relaxation with this scalp massaging shampoo brush. Lather in shampoo, exfoliate your scalp, and stimulate the blood flow in your head like never before. Next time you take a hot steamy shower just imagine how amazing it would feel to have a scalp massager running through your hair as you wind down for the night.

Orthopedic Knee Pillow

Finally get a good night of sleep without your sweaty legs rubbing against each other causing heat build-up, stickiness, or itchiness that keeps you awake. Help reduce back, hip, leg, knee, & sciatica pain with this orthopedic foam support pillow. The ventilated memory foam keeps it from getting too hot while you sleep while keeping your legs, knees, hips, and back in perfect alignment as you sleep.

Apple Watch Stand

This silicone Apple Watch charging stand is by far the best Apple watch stand you’ll find on Amazon for under $10. It utilizes the existing Apple Watch charger by feeding it through the back. Your Apple watch sits facing you so you can still have access to the screen to set alarms and other functions. This stand is available in 5 different colors including, white, black, pink, gray, and navy blue.

Essential Oil Diffuser

The Ultimate Aromatherapy Diffuser & Essential Oil Set is perfect for people who are interested in getting started with aromatherapy and essential oils. This starter pack comes with 10 different essential oils so you can try them out and find your favorites without buying large quantities first. The diffuser has a beautiful wood printed design and ambient light settings with 7 different lighting modes and 14 color combinations to choose from. Take your health and relaxation to the next level with this aromatherapy starter kit – it also makes a great gift!

Quip Electric Toothbrush

The Quip Electric Toothbrush is amazingly simple and elegant – it was designed by dentists to have all the features you need and none of the gimmicks you don’t. It has sensitive, silent sonic vibrations to loosen plaque and efficiently brush buildup off your teeth. It has a built-in 2-minute timer that pulses every 30 seconds so you know how long you have left. It’s water-proof and shower-safe, comes with a suction mirror/wall mount, and a convenient travel cover. Make the switch to Quip today!

Huge Body Pillow

This super-big U-shaped body pillow is SO comfortable! It’s designed to replace the need for using multiple pillows at night that often become dislodged or uncomfortable in the middle of the night. Anyone can benefit from sleeping with this pillow though it is especially useful for those who have conditions such as fibromyalgia, sciatica, gastric reflux, congestion, carpal tunnel, tossing and turning, restlessness, back pain, hip or knee pain, or who are pregnant. This pillow will help you align your hips and knees properly so you can sleep in perfect alignment and avoid/reduce pain and sleeplessness.

Shiatsu Massager

This Shiatsu Shoulder, Neck, and Back Massager has 8 massage roller balls that provide deep tissue massage therapy to reduce stress and relieve sore muscles. You can adjust the intensity to 3 different speed and strength levels to suit your personal preference as well as change the direction of the massage nodes to mimic a real shiatsu massage. It even has a built-in heat function to warm up your muscles and ease tension. It’s portable, durable, and can be used on just about any body part.

Foot File and Callus Remover

This foot file callus remover is the perfect solution for dry, callused, and cracked heels! It’ll make your feet soft and smooth with little effort. The large yet lightweight design allows you to work with ease and gives you the right leverage to quickly remove dead skin and calluses. It works on both dry and wet feet – for best results use the file gently. It also comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Fresh Paper Produce Sheets

FreshPaper is a scientifically proven, patented product that naturally extends the life of fresh produce to make it last 2 to 4 times longer. The sheets are made with organic botanicals that keep your produce fresh longer when stored together. These sheets will save you tons of money by keeping your produce from going bad in a short period of time. There’s nothing more frustrating than opening up your fridge to see your fruits and vegetables have wilted and rotted after only a few short days. Now you can reduce the number of times you have to run to the grocery store by buying more fresh produce that will last much longer. These also help support a healthy lifestyle by encouraging you to eat fresh, healthy produce that will stay fresh and tasty much longer when stored with these FreshPaper food saver sheets.

LED Night Lights

This 6 pack of LED night lights are insanely inexpensive and very effective. They plug into any outlet and use light sensor technology to automatically turn on once it gets dark. They put out a nice and bright ambient light with a blue hue that is easy on the eyes. They are perfect for the kitchen, bathroom, hallway, or anywhere else you’d like to have a night light. They are a simple, good looking night light solution that is very inexpensive compared to many night lights.

Wireless Charging Pad

This beautifully sleek wireless charging pad comes in 7 different color options, all of which have a very premium look and feel. At only 5mm tall, the TOZO W1 wireless charging pad is the slimmest wireless charger on the market. It’s made with durable aviation aluminum, has built-in over-heating and short-circuit protection, LED indicator lights, and, most importantly, supports fast charging. This wireless charger is compatible with all smartphone devices that support wireless charging.

Poo-Pourri Toilet Spritz

Poo-Pourri is a citrus-scented toilet spray that has gained wild popularity lately. It’s the #1 seller on Amazon in the air fresheners category for a reason – it smells amazing and it works! It contains a blend of essential oils that smell great and are scientifically proven to mask bad odors. Just give the toilet bowl a spray before you go and you’ll be amazed at how it completely rids the air of any bad odors after you go. Poo-Pourri does not contain any harsh chemicals and is made in the USA. Why spray chemicals when you can spritz botanicals?

Oversized Blanket Sweatshirt

This Oversized Blanket Hoodie is the perfect cozy outfit for lounging around the house. It’s literally like wearing a blanket. It’s reversible so you can wear it inside out too. It’s made of a fluffy fleece material that is super soft and comfy. One size fits all, making it a great gift for anyone and everyone. Never worry about getting cold inside again!

Magnesium Muscle Relaxing Oil

This magnesium muscle oil spray reduces body aches, headaches, restless legs, sore muscles, menstrual pain, and muscle spasms. It’s also been shown to naturally aid sleep quality and help reduce anxiety. 2 out of 3 individuals have a magnesium deficiency, and this topical spray is a convenient, colorless, odorless way to absorb magnesium into your body! At a cellular level, transdermal magnesium oil is the best way to get magnesium delivered to the body as it’s already in its liquid form and there is no need for the body to process it further.

Roll-up Jewelry Storage Container

This roll-up jewelry box is super convenient for traveling! It rolls-up to easily fit into your backpack, luggage, handbag, or suitcase. It has 3 jewelry compartments and a stylish outer design. Keep your jewelry safe and organized while you travel without having to worry about carrying a full-sized jewelry box. The Vlando Viaggio Jewelry case is made with durable synthetic leather and premium velvet lining.

Hooded Travel Pillow

The High Sierra Hooded Travel pillow adds an extra layer of comfort to your travel plans. The hood helps you face and head stay warm from those freezing cold airplane AC vents, helps block out light, and covers your head, face, and ears. This neck pillow will keep you comfortable as you drift off to sleep with its endlessly supportive, premium-grade memory foam. The foam reacts to pressure from the head and neck, cradling your body in the most supportive position. It’s available in three colors: black, blue, and blue/red.

Ice Roller for Face and Eyes

Keep this facial ice roller in the freezer and use it each morning before putting on make-up to tighten your skin and reduce wrinkle development. Massage your face with the ice-cold roller to shrink pores, calm skin, and reduce inflammation. Soothe skin after sunburn, sun exposure, during menopausal redness/fever, or after crying to reduce puffiness. It’s available in 8 different color combinations!

Hot and Cold Headache Wrap

The Cureve Hot and Cold Therapy Gel Compress can be used to treat pain, aches, inflammation or injuries on just about any part of the body. Simply freeze or heat the gel pack compress, slip it into the wrap cover and strap it on to soothe knees, feet, elbows, shoulders, headaches, TMJ pain and more. Perfect for post-surgery, sports injuries, and general aches and pains. It holds its temperature for a surprisingly long amount of time, is made with non-toxic materials, and has a two-year warranty.

Watermelon Slicer

Make watermelon slicing easy this summer with this professional watermelon slicer. Turn a messy, dangerous job into a breeze by simply placing the slicer on top of the watermelon and pressing down. It creates 12 perfect slices with ease! It’s built with premium 340-grade stainless steel that won’t bend or degrade over time and has high-quality safety grips for easy use.

3-in-1 Avocado Slicer Tool

This 3-in-1 avocado tool splits, pits, and slices avocados with ease. This tool is a safe, simple, and mess-free way to prepare avocados without switching utensils. The serrated blade cuts avocados but is safe to the touch. The stainless steel pitter easily removes pits with a twist of the wrist and the fan blade slices the avocado half into seven pieces with one stroke.

Inflatable Travel Pillow and Head Rest

This inflatable travel pillow is designed to help you rest and sleep comfortably on airplanes, trains, and buses. It’s very easy to blow up, and when easy to store as it takes up very little room when deflated. A few breaths are all it takes to inflate the pillow and there is a built-in headrest and arm cutouts to maximize comfort. It comes with free earplugs and an eye mask to help you fall asleep even faster. It’s very slim and does not cause any disruptions or issues for other passengers near you.

Collapsible Portable Water Bottle

The E-senior Collapsible Foldable Water Bottle is a super light-weight compact water bottle designed for hikers, campers, travel, exercise, school, and other outdoor events. It holds a total of 20 fl oz when unfolded and rolls up to fit in your pocket when empty. The bottle is tightly sealed and will not leak, is made of BPA free food-grade silicone, and is FDA approved. This is the highest quality, most convenient collapsible water bottle out there!

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Tools

The RAK Magnetic Wristband conveniently holds screws, nails, drill bits and more so you can hold your tools and get the job done. Stop making unnecessary trips up and down the ladder to grab screws you forgot or change drill bits – keep everything you need on the magnetic wristband. There are 10 strong magnets embedded in each wristband that surround the entire wrist for holding screws, nails, bolts, washers, drill bits, and more. This magnetic wrist band is perfect for home improvement, construction, carpentry, auto repair, sewing, and other DIY projects and makes an amazing gift for the do-it-yourselfer in your life.

Camera Phone Lens Kit

This Smartphone Camera Lens Kit includes a 20x telephoto lens, a 205° fisheye lens, a 0.5X ultra-wide-angle lens, a 25X super macro lens, a universal clip, a tripod, an eyecup, and an EVA bag. Take your smartphone photography to the next level with these camera lenses that easily clip onto any smartphone. This lens kit is an affordable way to expand your smartphone photography capabilities without breaking the bank. Capture the perfect shot!

Tile Mate Tracker (2020)

The Tile Mate is a versatile keychain style tracking device that keeps you from losing just about anything. Attach the Tile Mate to your bike, car keys, wallet, or anything else of value and use the app to track them down when you lose them. Can’t find your phone? Just double-tap the button on your Tile Mate to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent. The Tile Mate has a replaceable battery, so you can use it forever. You can track down your last items by having them show up on the map in the Tile app, or you can trigger the ring function to make your tile audibly ring so you can hear where it’s at. These make an excellent gift for any occasion!

Electric Frother and Powder Mixer

This electric frother/mixer is LIFE CHANGING. I use it a minimum of 3 times a day: once in the morning to froth milk for my coffee (if you haven’t tried this yet you seriously should), again to mix my pre-workout powder, and again after my workout to mix my protein powder. If you use a spoon to stir your protein shakes STOP READING RIGHT NOW and go buy this on Amazon. It’s less than 15 bucks and you’ll literally pee your pants with happiness when you realize you no longer have to chug lumpy powder chunks again. This mixer makes any powdered mixable drinks so smooooooth! It also comes with a nice little stand and looks good sitting on the counter next to my french press.

Selfie Tripod and Ring Light Kit

Want to get started vlogging, blogging, or YouTubing but don’t want to drop hundreds or even thousands of dollars on camera equipment? Chances are your smartphone camera is plenty good enough and this selfie tripod and ring light kit will give you everything you need to make professional-quality videos. The 8-inch ring light has 3 color settings to help you get the perfect lighting in any setting. The collapsible tripod adjusts between 17 inches and 51 inches in height allowing you a versatile choice in filming angles. The light is powered by a USB cable that can plug into any USB port such as those commonly found in most phone chargers and laptops.

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter

The LifeStraw is an award-winning portable water filter that is an absolutely essential tool to carry when hiking, camping, or traveling. No disaster kit is complete with one of these portable water filters. Even if you don’t frequently hike, camp, or travel, consider keeping one of these in your car or house in case of emergency – it’s better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have it. The Lifestraw can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water before needing to be replaced. It filters out 99.9999% of waterborne bacteria,99.9% of waterborne parasites, and surpasses EPA filter standards. It only weighs 2 ounces, is super portable, and can be dipped directly into the source of water for easy drinking.

Stainless Steel Odor-Removing Soap Bar

This soap-shaped stainless steel bar absorbs and removes any odor from your hands. It’s great for after cooking with smelly foods such as fish, onions, or garlic, but can also be used any time your hands have been exposed to a smelly substance. It makes a great gift for the home chef in your life! It’s quite inexpensive and can be thrown in the dishwasher for easy cleanup. Many reviewers report using this magic stainless steel bar on their armpits and bodies to get rid of body odor instantly.

Wyze Cam Wireless Indoor Home Camera

The Wyze Cam is a stylish, high quality 1080p indoor home camera that gives you access to a full HD live stream of your home from anywhere in real-time. It comes equipped with night vision, motion and sound sensing, and free cloud storage. If the camera detects any motion or noise it will begin recording and save the clip to the cloud for 14 days. You can view live or recorded camera footage from the Wyze app on your smartphone, tablet, or other mobile devices. Wyze cameras are easy to set up and can be wall-mounted or set on their stand.

Rechargeable Water Pick Flosser

This cordless professional rechargeable Water Flosser is a lifechanging way to clean your teeth without damaging your gums. Normal string floss can be painful to use, but this water flossing oral irrigation system rinses and cleans difficult to reach places in your mouth without causing any pain. The portable, rechargeable design makes this an ideal water flosser for travel and makes it easy to use in the shower so you can save time in your morning routine. The nozzle rotates 360 degrees to reach anywhere in your mouth plus there are three power modes: gentle, normal, and pulse. You’re going to be shocked when you find out how affordable this water flosser actually is! Hit the orange button below to see the price on Amazon!

Handheld Back Massager

This Rechargeable Handheld Deep Tissue Massager is literally life-changing! Relax into pure bliss as you work out all the tension and knots in your shoulders, neck, and back. This one has several different power settings so you can adjust the intensity to suit your needs – the max setting is actually surprisingly powerful! The rechargeable cordless design makes it easy and portable to travel with and take anywhere. The battery lasts well over two hours on a single charge. This makes a great gift for someone who is always complaining about stress and tension in their back, or better yet treat yourself by getting something that will improve your health and well-being!

Resistance Band Set

This 11 piece resistance band set is a great way to get an awesome workout anywhere. The kit includes 5 different bands ranging from 10 to 50 lbs of resistance and can be stacked together to create 150lbs of total resistance. Also included are a door anchor, two cushioned handles, a carrying case and a user manual that shows you all the different exercises you can do with the bands. This resistance band set provides you with a portable and convenient way to target any muscle group without using heavy, bulky weights. Resistance band training is a great way to build or tone muscle or burn calories and fat!

YOY Drink Holder

The YOY Drink Holder is a clever clip-on cup holder that attaches to your desk or table to conserve valuable workspace and avoid catastrophic spills that can cause thousands of dollars in damage to your electronics. It can be used to hold drinks, cups, flowers, stationery, cosmetics, USB sticks, cords, or anything else you might need to clear away from your desk!

Collapsible Laundry Basket

The Pop & Load Collapsible Basket is an amazingly versatile and portable solution for storing laundry, clothing, toys, groceries, and anything else you can imagine. When it’s empty it collapses to conveniently stow away, taking up a minimal amount of space. Avoid the hassle of traditional bulky baskets that never seem to fit anywhere nicely by getting this affordable collapsible basket!

Wine Saver Pump

The EZBASICS Wine Saver Vacuum Pump is an easy to use vacuum sealer for wine bottles that helps preserve your wine for up to one week after it has been uncorked. Now you don’t have to feel bad about not finishing the bottle! Simply place the included wine stopper in the wine bottle, attach the pump, and give it a few pumps to remove all the air in from bottle. The four included wine stoppers have built-in date dials on them so you can keep track of how long your wine has been vacuum sealed for. This is an amazing gift for any wine lover! It will pay for itself before you know it with all the wine you save!

Self Watering Plant Stake

The Blazin’ Bison Automatic Irrigation Drippers will solve all of you over and under watering problems! Watering globes keep plants healthy by delivering the perfect amount of hydration. As the soil dries the ball releases water back into the soil for the correct amount of moisture. They show up very carefully wrapped for shipping and are beautiful looking hand blown glass. Many plants are needy and have to be watered all the time, but we don’t always have the time, do we? Give your plants the water they need and deserve without the hassle of having to water then every single day. These self-watering globes are amazing for when you need to go out of town and don’t want to have people come water your plants for you! They also make great gifts!

Bendable Electric Lighter

No more burned fingers! This bendable lighter is so much easier to use than the flame lighters. Holding down the trigger and fuel-feed at the same time is super easy, unlike traditional lighters that take 4 or 5 tries to light. Simply, turn it on and push the button. Done! Use it for candles, a gas stove, to light a fire or anything else you’d normally use a lighter for. Flexible for when your candles get low and you can barely reach the wick.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses have a 7-layer anti-reflective coating to block out blue light from screens which helps reduce eye strain, improve sleep quality, and minimize glare. If you stare at screens for long periods of time and experience eye fatigue or headaches these blue light blocking glasses can help you! They come in both prescription and non-prescription options and there are several styles to choose from. They look great on both men women and have a 90-day free return policy and a 1-year warranty!

USB Powered Mini Desk Fan

ThisUSB powered desktop fan by Sharper Image is a great addition to anyone’s workspace. It plugs right into the USB port on your computer or laptop, looks great on the desk, and it’ll help you stay cool with a nice multi-directional flow of air. It’s super quiet, has touch control, it super-portable, and has a sleek design. This makes a great gift for literally anyone, or treat yourself to better temperature control in your own office!

Tub Shroom Hair Catcher

The Tub Shroom is a revolutionary drain protector that fits inside the drain collecting hair and other debris, preventing the drain from ever becoming clogged. When it’s time to clean, just take the Tub Shroom out, wipe it down, and put it back in place. It makes cleaning out drains a breeze and could save you tons of money on costly plumbing repairs. The Tub Shroom is a breeze to install and fits most standard sink and tub/shower drains.

Stainless Steel Straws

Did you know for less than ten bucks you can get a 12-pack of forever-lasting stainless steel straws? That’s about what a pack of plastic, environmentally harming straws costs. These stainless steel straws are a replacement for traditional plastic straws and therefore help protect the environment against plastic straws ending up in our oceans and rivers where they can harm wildlife. With 12 stainless steel straws, you never run out since they are easy to wash with the two included nylon cleaning brushes. They look great in any beverage, whether it’s in a stainless steel Yeti tumbler, a cocktail, or an iced coffee. These make an excellent gift for the environmentally concerned person in your life – or better yet, gift them to someone who isn’t concerned with the environment and they’ll be saving the environment without even trying.

Smartphone Ring Holder

This simple adjustable smartphone ring holder and stand sticks to the back of your phone with industrial-strength 3M adhesive so you never have to worry about dropping your phone again! If you are a chronic phone dropper or always find yourself with cracked screens, this smartphone ring holder is for you. It’ll pay for itself 10x over by saving you from having to make costly screen repairs. The ring is on an adjustable hinge that allows you to extend and use it as a phone stand, so you can watch videos hands-free! This is a high-quality alternative to the very popular, but plastic and cheap Pop Socket.

Eco-Friendly Reusable K-cups

These refillable K-cup coffee filters for Keurig coffee machines will save both your wallet and the environment. Just add normal ground coffee to these cups and brew your coffee like you normally would with regular k-cups – it’s that easy. But did you know that the traditional disposable plastic k-cups are extremely bad for the environment since they are not recyclable? You can do your part to reduce plastic landfill and waste by using these reusable coffee filters instead of throwing plastic in the trash every day.

Drain Snake Hair Removers

These Drain Snake hair removers are the best way to unclog drains full of hair. They have barbed hooks on them that grab hold of the hair that’s clogging your drains and pull it right out. They work in any type of drain including showers, bathtubs, sinks, and more. They are a more effective and more environmentally friendly alternative to using harsh chemical-based drain cleaners. But don’t take our word for it! One user reports: “I had a pretty significant hair clog in my shower. I had tried chemicals. It didn’t work. I ignored it. It didn’t work. Ignored it some more. Started to get slimy (don’t judge me). Saw this on amazon and that more than 2000 people had tried it and actually reviewed it, so I thought I’d give it a go. Oh my goodness. This took no effort – I pushed it down the drain and it immediately caught something. What came out was so disgusting, so vile, so yucky that it should have it’s own X-Files episode. Before it could lift it’s head up and start quoting from the Book of Revelation, I put it in a plastic bag and dispatched it to the firey depths of hell from whence it was birthed.”.

Easy Jar Opener

This Jar Opening Tool opens jars, bottles, and lids with ease! Just place it on top, twist the knob to tighten the jaws around the lid or cap, and turn the handle to easily open those tough lids! It works effortlessly on both smooth and grooved caps. One verified purchase user-review says: “This is an excellent tool for me. I have a lot of pain in my fingers when I try to grab and twist-off lids from jars. Ah, the missed days of youth! What I like the most is that I don’t have to squeeze – which is the action that triggers my pain. The picture of the item is old as the item now has a larger knob that you turn to tighten the tool on to a jar. Then by pushing the handle, the lid twists off. Perfect too for those that have lost that strong squeezing ability. I love it. Oh, and I did read the review of the one person who broke their jar opener – who must be awfully strong to break it – and who most likely didn’t need the tool in the first place. I see no event that could happen to break this tool. That’s just what I think.”

Faucet Wine Aerator and Stopper

This electric wine aerator and spout is an easy and effective way to aerate your wine to improve oxidation and taste! The wine aerator pourer with spout quickly delivers aerated drinks without spills and sediment. Lockout air with the decanter’s airtight rubber seal and preserve your favorite wine longer! Check out this awesome review left by Jill: “So, I have worked in the production end of the wine industry for several years now, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is exceptionally hard work. There is nothing better than your first glass of wine at the end of a long day, and once you’ve spent hours in the cellar and/or the fields, you don’t want to wait for your bottle to breathe. You want it now. I’ve used a lot of aerators and always found them to be functional and effective, but they can be messy. Pour too quickly and your wine overflows over the top. Hold it the wrong way where you accidentally block the aeration holes and you defeat the purpose. So finding this electric aerator intrigued me and I had to try it. When you receive this product it will come beautifully packaged so you will be able to use this as a gift if you choose. Inside the box, you will receive your aeration head with spout, two extension tubes, and an instruction booklet, that you most likely will not need. This is a very intuitive product to use. You will need to have 4 AAA batteries on hand to use this product as they are not included. To start open the battery compartment by twisting the head of the aerator counterclockwise. Insert the 4 AAA batteries and replace the compartment cover. Take one of the extension tubes and attach them to the end with the cap onto the nozzle. Fill an empty wine bottle with water and place a glass under the aeration spout. You will need to run three bottles of water through to clean the product before using it for the first time in a bottle of wine. Place the tubing in the bottle and press the head of the aerator down as you would a stopper into the neck of the bottle. Press the button and run the water until the bottle is empty. Repeat 2 more times. You’re now ready to go. Open that bottle you’ve been wanting to drink, place the aerator and press the button. You will get beautifully aerated wine. You can see the bubbles on top of the wine in my photos. Since the aerator acts as a stopper, you don’t have to remove this until the bottle is finished. To clean, just run the water through again once, dry and store until the next use. Totally loving the simplicity and it does a great job making that wine immediately drinkable without a breathing period!”

HyperChiller Drink Chiller

The HyperChiller easily chills any beverage (even hot ones) in under 60 seconds without diluting the drink with ice or water. All you do is fill the HyperChiller with water and put it in the freezer overnight. Once frozen, add your beverage and it will be chilled in under a minute. The HyperChiller is perfect for chilling all of your favorite beverages whether it’s a special blend of tea, juice, wine or other adult beverages without dilution… you can even chill a glass of wine! Check out what one Amazon reviewer had to say about it: “Works great. I thought the price was a little high for the simplicity of the item but it works great and there aren’t competitors I could find. If you want to make a good iced coffee or cool down a beverage, this is the way to go. Lastly, picture this: You’ve had a hard day. Boss was a jerk, clients drive you up a wall. You stop at that liquor store and they have that beer you like, but it’s not refrigerated. So you run home, wrap a wet towel around it and pop it in the freezer, hoping for a quick turnaround. But it’s never quick enough. You wait. Anticipation turns to disappointment. The moment is gone. When it finally cools, it’s too late: you’ve already said something mean to a friend or your spouse. You lashed out, venting your frustrations. It’s not their fault. It’s not your fault. Get this hyper-chiller thingy.”

Outlet Shelf

This wall outlet shelf adds extra shelf space to any existing wall outlet in any room to free up floor and countertop space. It creates a convenient place to put charging electronic devices such as smartphones or an Amazon Echo Dot as well as non-electronics such as car keys. One Amazon reviewer reports: “I really like this little shelf. It’s made of strong materials ( plastic and metal ) and it fit my wall outlet perfectly. I’m using mine for my Echo Plus and decided that it looks better with the shelf upside down. This allows the Echo to hide the plug(s) and the outlet. I tucked the wires into the side slot on the back of the shelf and ran the plug through a hole that I drilled to help keep the wire hidden. ( See pictures ) It works great! I use my Google plug because it is white and matches better than the black Amazon plug.”

Pocket Portable Blanket

This ultra-compact and lightweight pocket-sized blanket is the perfect item to keep in your car or backpack for hikes, picnics, or days at the beach. It folds out to be a 63-inch by 44-inch blanket but stores inside a tiny handheld pouch that fits into your pocket. It’s water, puncture, tear, and stain resistant! Take a look at this review by a happy Amazon shopper: “We took this on a backpacking trip this weekend and I am in love with this product! We used it as a staging point for setting up and breaking down camp, a clean dry space to cook and eat, a vestibule mat, and a mat for our 3 dogs to lay down. I was worried about our pups’ nails tearing it, but they walked on it, rolled around and played on it, and it held up like a champ! It’s super durable and incredibly lightweight and packs down into its own stuff sack. I thought that maybe the stakes would be cheap or weak, but they are very durable and easily pushed into the ground. It’s very easy to refold as well, there’s stitching that guides your folds. We loved this so much that we’re buying a second one. Definitely part of our permanent gear list from here on out. Don’t second guess it, buy one!”

Yamasaki Smart Toilet Bidet

Toilet paper crisis? Owners of the Yamasaki Smart Toilet Bidet are laughing from their porcelain thrones at the buffoons fighting over butt paper. Sit back, relax and enjoy a strong, pleasant jet of water spritzing the poop right off your bumhole. Stop rubbing your poop socket raw with cheap crumbly paper – that’s exactly what the billion-dollar toilet paper industry wants you to do. If you got poop on your arm or face would you smear it around with abrasive paper and call it good? No way! So why is that good enough for your bunghole? It’s not good enough. You deserve better. To the uninitiated, the idea of pointing a sprinkler system at your turd-launcher can be a tad off-putting. I’m not gonna lie, it’s gonna tickle at first. You’re gonna line it up wrong and accidentally spray your genitals a few times until you get the hang of things. But oh boy, once you do get the hang of it you’ll learn to love that tickle. You’ll start craving it like you crave a shower after doing yard work. Within a fortnight your brain will associate the tickle of water spritzing your fart box with pure cleanliness. Say goodbye to dingleberries. Say goodbye to scraping your anal cavity raw with abrasive toilet paper. Say hello to the Yamasaki Smart Toilet Bidet.

Pimple Popper and Blackhead Extractor

This professional blackhead remover and pimple popping tool will have you spending hours in front of the mirror searching for blackheads and pimples to pop. It’s so addicting once you see how easy it is to pop any pimple and extract any blackhead – they just come right out. Once you run out of pimples and blackheads you’ll be wishing you had more – and if you have a significant other you’ll be asking if you can pop theirs. If you buy one in a store expect to pay somewhere between $10 and $20, but this one is a few bucks on Amazon. Say Goodbye to pimples and blackheads!

Ergonomic Grout Scrub Brush

If your tiles are dirty look no further… The Fuginator Tile Joint Brush is the most innovative and effective grout brush ever conceived. This grouting scrubber ensures that cement and silicone, as well as wall joints, will be cleaned efficiently and hygienically without damaging the seams and tiles. Presoak the grout with detergent or soap for 15 minutes and be amazed at how little pressure it requires to scrub the grout clean. Order this brush now so you can clean the grout between your shower and bathroom tiles this weekend!