The 25 Must Have Items to Buy When You Adopt a New (Blind) Puppy

Welcome back to Cluttter! In this article we’ll be going over the 25 most useful items you can buy for a new puppy. My wife and I just adopted Galen, a double merle Australian Shepherd and Bordie Collie mix who just so happens to be blind. He’s the goodest boy, but can definitely be a handful sometimes just like most puppies. In fact, Galen doesn’t let his blindness hold him back from anything and we’ve found that he’s just as capable as any normal pup!

Here are the 25 most useful Amazon items we bought when we got our sweet puppy. Some are specifically helpful for blind dogs, but most are the best items to buy for a new puppy period.

The Basics

1) This Durable 6 Foot Leash is Puppy Proof

This one seems so obvious, but when you pick up your new puppy you’ll want to have picked out a good, durable leash that won’t get chewed through. We got this strong 6 foot nylon leash from Amazon and it has held up extremely well to the occasional chewing.

2) This Lightweight Adjustable Collar Will Last The Entire Puppy Stage

border collie autralian shepherd mix wearing blue nylon collar

For a puppy you want a durable, lightweight, and comfortable adjustable collar. Your puppy will grow fast and it’s best that their collar can be adjusted to compensate. We recommend this lightweight nylon collar from Amazon. It looks great on Galen and is perfect for the time being. Once he’s fully grown we may splurge and get something fancier.

3) A Harness Makes It So Much Easier to Train A Puppy to Walk On a Leash

puppy dog wearing black gooby dog harness

Galen loves his Gooby dog harness from amazon! He knows when we put it on him it means he’s going for a walk down to the dog park, plus doesn’t he look great in black? The material is soft so it doesn’t irritate his skin and the body band is adjustable which is perfect for a growing puppy. He’s currently 20 lbs, so we got him a large that he’ll grow into it perfectly!

4) Crate Training is Essential for Puppies!

amazonbasics dog crate with mat and blanket

To be completely honest, I didn’t realize the necessity of crate training a pup until we got Galen. Puppies are relentlessly destructive, and if you want to leave them alone for any time at all you’ll want to have them crate trained. I can’t recommend the AmazonBasics branded crate enough. It’s very spacious, sturdy, and not terribly heavy. Its folds up for easy storage and transportation and was very reasonably priced on Amazon when we bought ours.

5) Nutritous Puppy Food

This is the place you don’t want to be too cheap. Your pup deserves high quality nutritious food that will help him grow and develop the was he’s supposed to. Galen’s foster parents recommended that we buy Victor Classic Hi-Pro Plus dry dog food since it’s a premium puppy food and it’s what he had already used to when we adopted him. We ended up getting a 40lb bag on Amazon for just over a dollar per pound. 40lbs is a LOT more than you think! The delivery driver could barely lift the bag!

6) Your Puppy Deserves Tasty Dog Treats

For training sessions we just use pieces of Galen’s food as treats since he winds up getting a lot of them. But every now and then you want to spoil your pup with a yummy surprise. It’s important that you get dog treats that are nutritious and healthy, but you also want to make sure you’re getting something that doesn’t upset their stomach. The last thing you want is for them to have diarrhea, especially if you wind up having to clean it up! Galen LOVES his Fruitables Watermelon flavored treats from Amazon. These are our go-to treat for rewarding him for potty training (he even learned how to game the system – he’ll pee just a few drops at a time hoping to get a treat every time!). On special occasions we spoil him with Caru Venison Recipe (they also have salmon and lamb) treats that we also picked up on Amazon. These are all natural and have real venison, blueberries, and cranberries in them.

7) Get a Grip on Your Pup’s Food Bowl

If you have a blind puppy like Galen you’ll want to make sure you keep their food bowl in the same place so they can always find it. We’ve found that Galen can be a messy eater because he gets so excited. Sometimes we use a snuffle mat or a slow feeder, but we’ve found that most of the time he does just fine with his normal bowls. They have a gripped bottom so they don’t slip and slide all over the place when he bumps them. Like most items to buy for a new puppy in this article, we ordered these dog bowls from Amazon.

8) A Good Dog Bed is Your Puppy’s ‘Safe Spot’

blind puppy double merle sleeping in dog bed

There are a lot of good options online for dog beds, but keep in mind that your new puppy will likely want to chew on it. Luckily for us Galen is a quick learner and a few good firm “No sir!”s was all it took for him to learn that we do not chew on our beds! We went with the Harmony Blue Striped Nester Dog Bed from Amazon, which I highly recommend, but you may decide you want to opt for something more or less durable. The inside is nice and soft while the outside is made of a strong canvas fabric that doesn’t tear easily.

9) Do Not Forget to Get a Puppy Pen!

This is one I honestly did not think I would need but it is SO useful. I work from home and often have conference calls that can last up to an hour at a time. Most times Galen is a good boy and sleeps or chews on a toy the whole time, but every now and then he decides he wants to get into trouble or come lick my toes in the middle of a video call. The AmazonBasics Dog Pen gets the job done and gives him more freedom than a crate to spread out and enjoy all his different toys while keeping out of trouble! Plus it’s priced very reasonably.


10) Kong… The King-Kong of Dog Chew Toys

kong puppy chew toy outside on table

Galen gets a peanut butter filled Kong every night before bed and it is BY FAR his favorite thing ever. He loses his mind when I ask him if he wants his Kong and its honestly adorable. Fill one up with peanut butter and put it in the freezer for an hour and your puppy will have a nice long lasting snack to play with. It’s an excellent tool to use for crate training since by the time they finish it they’ve been in their crate for 30 minutes or longer and will settle down faster.

11) Elk Antler

elk antler puppy chew toy

Puppies have sharp teeth and often like to be able to chew on several different materials, including hard ones. I can tell just by watching him go to work on his Elk Antler from Amazon that it must feel good. Galen is an extreme chewer, but even his teeth cant break this thing.

12) The Loobani “Indestructible” Chew Toy is “Almost” Indestructible

This one’s a material that’s tough but still lets him sink his teeth into. I wouldn’t say it’s indestructable though since after a few weeks it’s starting to show some serious wear. Galen loves it though and it’s a nice change from all the hard rubber/plastic chew toys and he has clearly enjoyed it.

13) The NylaBone is the Best Portable Chew Toy

nylabones dog puppy chew toy bone

This little toy bone is amazingly durable and our go to for traveling. Galen does great when he’s riding in the car, but sometimes it can help to have one of his favorite portable toys handy to keep him occupied. The Nylabone from Amazon comes in multiple sizes and some are pretty small, so be careful to order one your puppy can’t accidentally swallow or choke on. Nylabones are also very easy to rinse off in the sink. Of all the toys we recommend to buy for a new puppy this one is at the top of the list. A 3-pack is super cheap will last a you a really long time.

14) Rope Toy for Tug-o-War Time!

When it comes to play time Galen likes to get rowdy. Playing tug-o-war with his rope toy is literally his favorite play time activity, and is also great because it lets him be a wild man in a controlled environment without running all over the place. We found this cool rope toy with a bone on it at our local PetSmart, but here is the closest thing to it Amazon offers. We only bring this toy out when it’s time for tug-o-war though, because if we just let him chew on it like a normal toy he starts to destroy it pretty easily.

Items You Forget About

15) Paw/Nose Balm Makes a Difference

Winter is upon us and this all natural soothing and healing balm from Amazon keeps Galen’s nose and paws healthy and smooth. It has a very soothing smell and he loves when we apply it. He even offers up his paws to help out! (pic of shake)

16) Pee pad

We lived on the fourth floor of an apartment for the first few months we had Galen. This artificial grass pee pad from Amazon was absolutely essential to our potty training endeavors. He quickly learned to go to the balcony door when he needed to go and it helped us avoid countless accidents.

17) Enzymatic Pee Spray Will Save Your Carpet, Rugs, and Furniture

Accidents happen. Especially in the first few days of having a puppy as they are trying to learn and adjust to the rules of their new environment. Nature’s Miracle Stain and Odor Removing spray from Amazon breaks down stains and completely knocks out any pee smell that would normally linger. This was absolutely essential and saved us from having to throw away a nice rug. Hooray for no more accidents! It also has natural citrus scent and is safe to be used around pets.

18) Gentle, Pet-safe Puppy Shampoo

This is never the first thing that comes to mind when you’re getting a puppy, but you don’t want to be using your regular human shampoo and soap to bathe your dog since it can irritate their skin and make their fur coarse. There are plenty of options out there, but we’ve really grown to like Burt’s Bees Puppy Shampoo from Amazon. It’s very affordable, all natural, and smells amazing. Consider it an essential item to buy for a new puppy.

19) Collapsible Food and Water Bowl

This Bonza portable dog food and water bowl from Amazon has come in handy so many times. It’s perfect for hiking, trips to the dog park, overnight traveling, or going to eat at a dog-friendly restaurant downtown. It collapses into a small, easy to carry disk that can be stowed in a backpack with ease. We’ve used ours several times already.

For Blind Puppies

20) Your Blind Pup Might Need The Halo Harness, But Might Not

We got one of these for Galen but actually found that he does completely fine without it. The Halo Harness from Amazon might be right for your blind dog, but it just wasn’t right for Galen since he was born blind and has adapted so well. It would likely be much more useful for an older dog who is going blind or has already gone blind and needs help not bumping into things. Once they have the floor plan mapped out they likely won’t need it anymore except in new areas.

21) Doggy Goggles!

Despite being blind, Galen’s eyes still seems to be sensitive to light. These Doggy Goggles serve a dual purpose. They serve as both sunglasses as well as extra eye protection when he’s playing outside, especially in a new area.

22) Get a Storm Vest for Your Thunder Buddy!

While this applies to most dogs, it especially applies to blind dogs. Galen is particularly aware of sound and gets understandably freaked out when it comes to sudden loud noises like thunder. The Comfort Zone anti-anxiety vest from Amazon makes your dog feel safe and protected which reduces their anxiety. It’s a similar concept to swaddling a baby! This is a great item to buy for a new puppy once they’ve been through a thunder storm so you know how they cope with it. If they struggle then you’ll definitely want to get one before the next storm comes rolling in.

23) A Snuffle Mat Makes Dinner Time Fun

Snuffle mats are great for a few reasons. They make your puppy eat slower, it makes them use their nose and ‘hunt’ for their food, and they enjoy the game of it. If you’re looking for a DIY project you can make one of these yourself. Here’s a good DIY snuffle mat guide to follow. Otherwise they are very inexpensive to purchase online; we recommend the Paw5 Snuffle Mat from Amazon.

24) A Crate Mat Provides a Cozy Night’s Sleep

american kennel club dog crate mat

You don’t want your puppy to be laying on the cold uncomfortable crate floor – make sure they have a soft crate mat to keep them warm and comfy. The American Kennel Club Crate Mat we got from Amazon is basically just a thin memory foam layer covered in a soft fabric. It fits Galen’s crate perfectly and we’ve noticed he started sleeping longer through the night since we put it in there. We also added a Furbaby Puppy Blanket for good measure. Both are great items to buy for a new puppy!

Fun Items

25) Puppy Bandana!

We all know the single most important thing to buy for a new puppy is a bandana! It’s a puppy tradition. Here’s a picture of Galen in his pumpkin bandana.

26) Doggy Costumes!

chucky dog costume

Halloween? Thanksgiving? Christmas? Easter? There are countless opportunities to shamelessly dress your puppy up in a costume! This one is a bit silly but with how inexpensive dog costumes are on Amazon my wife has built an entire holiday wardrobe for Galen.

Thank for reading and don’t forget to follow Galen’s adventures on Instagram: @legallygalen

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