The 8 Best Wood Fireplace Mantel Shelves – 2019 Buyer’s Guide

My wife and I recently purchased a wood fireplace mantel shelf online and with any purchasing decision I make, I over analyzed and did a ton of research. Since it’s going in the middle of my living room in full view of every visitor I get from now on, I wanted it to look absolutely perfect. While I didn’t want to break the bank, I knew I was willing to pay a little extra for a quality product, real wood product.

After hours of research, I narrowed down my search from hundreds of wood fireplace mantel shelves to just the 8 that I believe to be high quality products worth the price.

I went with a large 72 inch wood fireplace mantel shelf, but all of these listings on Amazon and Home Depot have multiple sizes available if you’re looking for something smaller or less expensive.

At 72 inches, expect to pay between $200 and $300 for a good quality hollow wood fireplace mantel shelf. For a solid wood fireplace mantel shelf expect to pay an extra $100 or so.

My Top Pick:

Reclaimed Barn Wood Beam by Creative Hardwoods

wood fireplace mantel shelf

While I didn’t want to break the bank, I knew I was willing to pay a little extra for a quality product made out of solid wood and not hollow in the middle. When I found the Creative Hardwoods store on Amazon it didn’t take long to realize that their products were of a high quality than the rest of what was offered.

Since we didn’t want a faux beam, I wound up paying $385 after shipping, but after the 5% cash back on my Amazon credit card and $150 in Amazon gift cards (my wife teaches second grade and last week was teacher appreciation week) it only cost me a little over $200 for an amazing wood fireplace mantel shelf that will end up making my home value increase by more than the cost of the mantel piece itself.

The beam shipped after 4 days and took another 8 days to arrive, so all in all it took 8 days to get from Minnesota to Georgia. Despite the higher price tag we absolutely love it and have already gotten compliments.


Rustic Fireplace Floating Mantel Shelf by ParkCo

wood fireplace mantel shelf

At roughly the same price as the Creative Hardwoods wood fireplace mantel shelf I wound up buying, this was a tough decision. The ParkCo beams are made out reclaimed barn wood which has a really nice natural and rustic look. The deciding factor was really just came down to personal taste, not quality.

The ParkCo wood fireplace mantel shelves have somewhat of a warmer stain color (which some prefer). Overall they have much more “raw” untreated look compared to the Creative Hardwoods beams that have a slight sheen and look like they’ve been sealed. At the end of the day I think my wife and I would have been happy with either option.

One benefit of the ParkCo wood fireplace mantel shelf is that its “raw and unfinished enough” that if you have any DIY or woodworking skills you could definitely refinish it to your liking.

Joel’s Antiques Thick Reclaimed Floating Wood Shelf – Solid Pine

wood fireplace mantel shelf

The wood fireplace mantel shelves from Joel’s Antiques all look beautiful and this company has the best reviews I came across. Any time you’re making a purchase in this price range you want to make sure you’re going to get good customer service, which is what Joel’s Antiques is known for.

There are two reasons I wound up not going with Joel’s Antiques. First, the beam is a little thinner than what my wife and I were looking for. We wanted something that comes a bit further off the wall (picky, I know). Second, the wood in the pictures looks machined rather than reclaimed. We wanted a natural reclaimed wood look and I didn’t want to go through the rigmarole of finding a way to return ship a 50+ lb wood beam because it wasn’t true reclaimed wood.

At the end of the day I’m sure it would have looked fine, but honestly for a machined wood look I could just go down to Home Depot and buy a 6×6 beam, some sand paper, and a can of wood stain.

Rustic Mantel Shelf 72″ by Dogberry Collections

wood fireplace mantel shelf

This was my first choice of all the wood fireplace mantel shelves that weren’t one solid piece because it’s an overall bigger beam and just has a great solid, high quality look that is hard to find in most hollow beams. The problem with doing heavy research on an item is that after looking at hundreds of hollow beams and their solid wood counter parts, you begin to be able to spot the fakes immediately, even from just the pictures.

The truth is that 99.99% of people won’t even wonder if this mantel shelf is hollow or solid wood, let alone be able to tell that it’s hollow. I couldn’t either at first and I wish I would have kept it that way. Instead I perused hundreds of pictures and cursed myself with the ability to spot a faux hollow wood mantel shelf from a mile away, and it wound up costing me an extra $150 because I had to get the real thing.

While it’s money well spent for my wife and I, that doesn’t mean you have to accept the same fate. If you choose to, you can stop your research once you find a reasonably price wood mantel shelf you like, hollow or not.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf 72″ – Weathered Gray by Pearl Mantels

wood fireplace mantel shelf

This was one of the few lighter colors I could find that actually looked half way natural. The other light and gray colors just looked too fake to even consider whereas this one looked more natural. The issue with most light colored wood fireplace mantels is that they were too often “textured”. The light stain color is not nearly as forgiving as dark stain when it comes to masking fake texturing. This one on the other hand is smooth all the way around and despite being hollow, comes off as being very modern.

Another cool feature you get when you buy from Pearl Mantels is the real pearl that is embedded in the side the of the wood mantel shelf. IF you look in the picture above you can see the pearl in the top right corners of the right shelf face. This is a pretty cool branding tool that I think could make for an interesting conversational piece with guests. Plus it adds an air of luxury and uniqueness that other fireplace mantel shelves just don’t have.

Shenandoah Pine 72 Inch Fireplace Mantel Shelf by Pearl Mantels

wood fireplace mantel shelf

Here’s another one from Pearl Mantels that I really liked because of how well they did with the texturing. They clearly use thicker wood boards on this mantel than on other ones. Additionally the corner seams are completely undetectable as they’ve been smoothed over and blended together really well.

You still get the inlaid pearl on the side of the shelf which I think is a really nice feature and conversation piece. I was a little bit torn in my search for my wood fireplace mantel shelf about whether or not I wanted the little wood leg brackets on the bottom side of the shelf.

Mounting Brackets

I wound up getting a shelf that didn’t have these built in because if you do go with them you can’t take them off or go back to a floating shelf look. On the other hand, if you go with just the flat beam you can switch between the floating shelf look or you can add metal brackets like these that I found on Amazon at a later time.

They’re easy enough to install that you can take them up and down pretty easily. Plus they are an ideal mounting solution if you go with a solid wood beam that doesn’t come with mounting hardware built in. They also don’t require you to drill into the beam which could cause damage over time or potentially cause the wood to split. Instead, you just set the beam on the brackets and don’t have to worry about drilling into the wood.

Rustic 6 ft. Cap-Shelf Mantel by Ornamental Mouldings

wood fireplace mantel shelf

I really liked this one too when I was searching but my wife wasn’t a big fan of the metal banding around the middle. It’s a little bit trendy and could be at risk of looking out of style in a few years, but I can’t help but think it would look great in our living room. At about half the cost of the one we bought though it probably wouldn’t have been too big of a deal to eventually sell it or find it a new home several years down the road.

I would definitely consider this one for a secondary fireplace in either a basement or a non-main sitting room though.

Mantel Shelf with Stain and Glaze by Smith Rustic

wood fireplace mantel shelf

What you can’t see in this particular photo is how deep this wood fireplace mantel shelf actually is. While it is hollow, it’s priced quite fairly and has tons of depth for placing decor on. The texturing appears to be well done, although home depot doesn’t have any customer reviews on this one, which is why I almost always feel safer making purchases from Amazon.

Viewing customer photos is an absolute must for me whenever I’m making a purchasing decision in this price range that is so heavily focused on the aesthetics of the product. Had I been able to see this wood fireplace mantel shelf in person or even some high quality customer photos and reviews, it may have pushed me over the edge to purchase this faux shelf.

Fireplace Mantel Shelf by Breckenridge

wood fireplace mantel shelf

The Breckenridge wood fireplace mantel shelf is another good option but I got scared away by a few bad reviews that claimed the color they received was off compared to the pictures. I’m sure the customer service at Breckenridge was fine, but I didn’t really want to risk it, especially when it was only another $100 for a solid wood fireplace mantel shelf instead of this hollow one. Even so, the customer images for this particular wood fireplace mantel shelf look really good. You can tell a lot of detail was put into the distressed texture and coloring.

This Amazon listing also has several smaller sizes available which are a great option for anyone looking for a shorter wood fireplace mantel shelf or even just a floating shelf.


I hope this post provided you with the information you needed to make a confident wood fireplace mantel shelf purchase. If you liked this post or found it helpful check out our decor and DIY ideas!

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