The Best Blue Light Filter Glasses For Women

Blue Light – What You Need to Know

If you don’t already know, blue light filter glasses are used to block potentially harmful blue light that is emitted from all electronic devices like your phone, tablet, or computer. Blue light has been shown to cause eye strain as well as interfere with natural sleep patterns. Our brains confuse blue light with sun light, which causes our bodies to suppress the production of Melatonin, a natural and healthy hormone responsible for restful sleep cycles. If you have trouble falling asleep or staying asleep there is a strong chance the blue light from your tv, smartphone, tablet, or computer is to blame.

Studies have found that melatonin regulation differs between men and women, leading to different patterns in respective sleep cycles. Women in general are set to an earlier circadian rhythm, meaning they are more likely than men to to be early birds – going to sleep early and waking up early.

How do Blue Light Filter Glasses work?

Blue light filter glasses work by filtering out light from the the blue wavelength spectrum, reducing eye strain and allowing your body to regulate its natural melatonin production effectively.

What are the Best Blue Light Filter Glasses for Women?

#1 LifeArt Blue Light Blocking Glasses 9.5/10

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As a college student, I have to spend more time in front of a computer screen than I would like. Before I got these glasses I would actually not do half of my homework just because my eyes would hurt so much.

– Chesney, 23 Michigan
attractive woman wearing blue light filter glasses by lifeart

LifeArt Blue Light Filter Glasses come in at #1 for multiple reasons:


  • Available in over 17 levels of magnification: +.25 to + 4.00 (if you use reading glasses)
  • Seven different colors/styles available – including tortoise shell and chillax flower
  • Over 400 positive Amazon reviews at the time of writing this
  • They actually work – unlike other blue light glasses listed on Amazon
  • Styles for Men as well as Women (my mother, mother-in-law, wife, and myself all use this brand)
  • Affordable! Less than $20 per pair; my wife and I have 5 pairs total laying around the house


  • The frames are thin and trendy, which comes at the cost of being a little bit flimsy compared to other brands – that being said, I’ve never had a pair break.
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test card for blue light filter glasses by lifeart
The LifeArt Blue Light Filter Glasses come with a test card and blue light so you know they are actually working.

#2 Cyxus Blue Light Blocking Glasses 9/10

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My eyes are less tired than normal after an 8 hour work day staring at the computer. But boy did I get compliments on them. They are oversized and I suppose it’s either very trendy now or it really looks good on me, or both. If I made a dollar for every compliment I received, the glasses would have paid for themselves and more. People say I look smarter, they say I look nice, that the glasses fit me, make me look like a different woman.

Amanda, 43 Oregon
woman wearing cyxus blue light filter glasses

Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses come in at #2:


  • Thick, bold frames that are durable and sturdy
  • Tons of designs that are available in 8 different colors
  • Comes with a nice case, blue light testing card, and blue light mini flashlight
  • Designs and colors for both men and women
  • Compliments galore!


  • Not available with magnification for reading glasses (Nevermind! I just found out they do have them with magnification here: Cyxus Computer Reading Glasses)
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cyxus blue light filter glasses test light

The Cyxus Blue Light Filter Glasses also come with a test card and light so you know they are working.
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cyxus blue light filter glasses product photo
This is my personal favorite style Cyxus offers, but they offer many different styles here.

#3 Wealthy Shades Blue Light Filter Glasses 8.5/10

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These glasses are amazing. I get migraines and this type of glasses was recommended to me, and my only regret was waiting so long. On days when I have a migraine, I wear these all day, but I’ve started using them every time I use technology (especially at night) and I’m actually getting fewer migraines altogether. They are also stylish, and I get compliments whenever I wear them. I can’t recommend these enough.

Carole, 29 Utah
girl wearing wealthy shades blue light filter glasses


  • Sturdy frames are durable
  • Tons and tons of different styles listed on Amazon
  • Probably the best looking blue light filter glasses online
  • Comes with the nicest case of any options
  • Both men’s and women’s options


  • Doesn’t come with a blue light to test with
wealthy shades blue and tortoise shell blue light filter glasses from amazon
As I was writing this I actually ordered this pair. 2 day shipping for the win!
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